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Choose XYZLift, Your Trusted Manufacturer of Customized Hydraulic Lifts at Competitive Prices for Safe and Reliable Solutions.

Lifting Solutions We Provide

Comprehensive Workwear Solutions for Every Industry Need

Goods Lifting Solution

The ideal solution for freights easy vertical transportation in multi-level storage and production facilities.

Car Lifting Solution

Cars are transported between levels in a space-saving way.

Home & Public Lifts

The lifts are suitable for both residential and commercial projects, as well as indoor and outdoor use, suit every requirement and application.

Aerail work platform

These lifts are suitable for aerial work platform, offering cost-effective pricing, and can also be customized for specific needs.

Fully Customizable

Custom Lifts That Suits Your Need

Our professional design and manufacturing techniques enable us to put forward optimal standards including:

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Discover XYZLift's Factory Strength

Your Reliable Source for High-Quality Hydraulic Lift Platforms

Our Expertise from Order to Production Completion

Our employees possess over five years of industry experience and pay meticulous attention to every detail, ensuring the delivery of satisfied products

Production Drawings

Our skilled engineers create detailed production drawings for lift platforms, guiding our workers to bring your vision to life seamlessly

Determining Components

Sourcing hydraulic lift motors based on voltage, Determining electric box and control systems according to functional requirements

Various Components

Accurate cutting, hole drilling, and bending of various components, ensuring precise dimensions for each part of vertical lift platform

Welding all parts

Robotic Precision Welding,achieving uniform weld formations, accurate positioning, and ideal welding results with precise arc formations at every point

Surface Treatment

All iron materials undergo acid cleaning and phosphating for rust removal, followed by electrostatic painting.Lift platform without the risk of rusting.

Assemble and Test

Each machine undergoes rigorous load testing, repeated 30 times, to ensure the delivery of high-quality cargo lift and home lift to our customers.

Guaranteed Safety With Our Lifts

Hydraulic lifts are manufactured in accordance with certificate requirements and meets the local safety regulations of our customers.

Our quality management follows ISO9001-2005

EN 81-41 for Home lift and Vertical Platform Lift



What They Say About Us

See why our customers keep coming back

Goods lift in Philippine

They are one food company, they purchased our goods lifts to facilitate the lifting of cargo pallets, and their employees are highly satisfied with the product.

Scissor lift in India

Alex from India visited XYZLift to verify the quality of our scissor lifts. Prior to purchasing from us, they had bought scissor lifts from Europe. Since then, they have already made three purchases from us

Scissor lift in Peru

Max in one logistics company, peru. "We are extremely satisfied with the scissor dock lift for our forklift loading and unloading operations, New warehouse on building, we will buy again.

Supply installation site picture. XYZLIFT make 3D design for you

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