Discover the Perfect dumbwaiter Lift for Your Needs

The basic of dumbwaiter

XYZLIFT– Dumbwaiter is the ideal partner for transporting small things from floor to floor safely, easily and silently. It is a great investment for commercial and residential. Affordable in price, easy to install.

Before we come and install your heavy-duty dumbwaiter lift, you will probably be keen to know about all the performance benefits that the dumbwaiter will deliver to your business. We have found that the following commercial, industrial, or public settings often benefit from this type of lift:,Hotels,Restaurants,Pubs,Clubs,Care homes,Hospitals,Banks,Schools, colleges and universities,Airports and transport hubs, including rail stations,Music, theatre and performance venues.

XYZLIFT – Miscellaneous Attendant offers:
  • Load capacity up to 500 kg.
  • Travel up to 19 stops/floors.
  • The elevator speed is 0.4-1.0m per second
  • Reverse load and ground load type option
  • 4 Door Position types for option as right photo show
  • Design special sundries elevator for limited installation space
  • Contains manual guide for complete installation
  • Custom requests are available to meet customer needs



Dumbwaiter Types

Find the Perfect dumbwaiter for Your Business Needs

Counter loading

Standard Dumbwaiter

Meet most customer requirements

Counter loading

Double Deck

Two car in one same shaft

Floor loading

Floor Loading

Facilitating trolley transport between different floors

Technical Data

Take a standard type for reference

Model XYZD-2
lnstallation site size 1200*1200mm
Car size 800*800*800mm
Door opening Single opening
Doors Bi-parting Stainless, 2hr fire. Safety locks
Floor height 3000mm
Sill height 800mm
Speed 0.4m/s
Controls Automatic push buttons, call & send. Complete with car position indicator, in use indicator, door open signal & Lift arrival buzzer

Note: The lifting height, cabin size, and door orientation can all be customized according to your specifications.

Challenging Issues You Meet

 Special Dumbwaiter Surface Treatment or Functions

Small Shaft Size

Shaft size 800*600mm

Low Head Room

Overheardroom less than 2m

Marine Dumbwaiter

Dumbwaiter solutions  ships 

Not found what you are looking for? We could still help! Contact our team to find out more.

Major Components for Dumbwaiter

This is what we do when it comes to making wholesale coconut bowls:


Quiet and efficient motor

1 of 6


2 of 6

Landing Door

3 of 6

Shaft frame

4 of 6


5 of 6

Control Pannel

6 of 6

Quiet and efficient motor

Our Dumbwaiter motor, specifically designed to meet your requirements, delivers an exceptional combination of quiet operation, safety, and impressive lifting capacity. Equipped with an emergency brake system and double safety rope, our motor guarantees enhanced security and reliability for your dumbwaiter needs.



Our Dumbwaiter motor, built to cater to your needs, is accompanied by a durable 304 stainless steel car. Designed for maximum functionality, the car features an additional shelf in the middle, effectively increasing the storage space available.


Landing door

Experience the convenience and efficiency of our bi-parting landing door for your dumbwaiter, designed to open and close easily and quickly, ensuring optimal functionality while prioritizing safety and meeting the needs of our valued clients like Mike.


Shaft frame

Dumbwaiter shaft frame is constructed using galvanized rectangular steel tubes, ensuring long-term use without the worry of rust. The shaft connection parts and bolts are also galvanized, further enhancing their durability and resistance to corrosion. This meticulous attention to detail guarantees a reliable and long-lasting lift solution. Additionally, the full shaft frame boasts a robust load capacity, providing strength and stability for your lifting needs.



Our dumbwaiter cabin and counterweight guiderail feature a special T-type elevator guardrail design. Equipped with guide shoes, lubricate cups, and automatic lubrication, they ensure smooth and reliable operation. The T-type guardrail provides enhanced stability and safety, while the guide shoes and lubrication system work together to minimize friction and optimize performance.


Control Pannel

Our dumbwaiter system is equipped with individual control panels on each floor, facilitating seamless communication through the control tell button. With the inclusion of an emergency stop feature on the control panel and a key switch on the ground floor, you have the ability to ensure safety and security by locking the dumbwaiter when it is not in use.

Options to Enhance Your User Experience

You may have challenging issues before the purchase  of a lift. Check our add-on equipment solutions in video and photos.

  • Q1.   Landing door optional: Automatic landing door,swing door, roller door

  • Q2.  Dumbwaiter with shaft

  • Q3.   Dumbwaiter with two door at one floor level

  • Q4.   Whole dumbwaiter with Copper-plating

A1. Dumbwaiter with automatic landing door

A2. Dumbwatier car with heating

A3. Advanced Configuration for Goods Lifts

A4. Available in other special material

Dumbwaiter Application

See How The Dumbwaiter Works

How We Can Ensure The Steady Running By Quality Materials

To stamp the accuracy of dumbwaiter’s balance, we kept the coin in dumbwaiter and ran the circle.

And guess what, even after a full-fledged circle run, the coin stood straight & steady!

We utilize optimal quality materials and techniques to make it certain that our restaurant dumbwaiters work constantly & perfectly.

We ensure a compact solution to transfer small items including even wine, soup, water or other liquids between the floors.

Dumbwaiter Installation

Installation Steps

A 6-step guide to install a dumbwaiter

Step 1 Connect stand columns and shaft beams(frames)

Step 2 Connect guide rails to the shaft beams

Step 3 Motor installation

Step 4 Counter weight installation

Step 5 Fix the cabin and guide shoes

Step 6 Fix cabin door

Step 7 Fix landing doors

Step 8 Buffers installation

Step 9 Fix leveling parts / limited switches

Step 10 Electric controller


Estimated Cost Analysis For Dumbwaiter Price

Taking a 2-story dumbwaiter with a 3m lifting height and a car size of 800 x 800mm as an example, the EXW dumbwaiter price is around USD3800. The price is subject to fluctuations in the cost of raw materials, changes in exchange rates, and variations in the brand of accessories and add-on equipment. 

Most Frequently Questions.

What we are thinking is all about your safty!

The delivery time for our goods lifts is 1-3 weeks from the order deposit.

To accurately specify a dumbwaiter, we require the following information:Load capacity: Weight and type of materials to be lifted
Installation size: We design car size accordingly
Travel height: Distance between floors
Loading and unloading directions: Access from one side, opposite sides, or three sides

Our goods lift can travel up to 21m, covering 7 floors.

Our heavy-duty dumbwaiter can lift items weighing up to 500 kgs, ensuring stability with thick steel.

Warranty could be 5 years after customer receive the dumbwaiter.

Custom Dumbwaiter That Suits Your Need

You will get accurate lift solution in 24 hours. Please supply main information as follows

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