XYZLIFT Mezzanine Goods Lift in Australia

Mezzanine goods lift for transporting potted plants from lower floor to mezzanine greenhouse. Trave height 2925mm, installation site size 2000*2000mm, platform size 1410*1570mm.

XYZLIFT Heavy Duty Goods Lift For A Supermarket

Heavy duty goods lift with load 7t, lift height 4870mm, platform size 1850*2490mm, shaft size 2650mm*2650mm. Heavy duty goods lift in Haiti Marekt, total two units. Customer already is XYZLIFT agent in Haiti.

XYZLIFT Explosion Proof Goods Lift In Vietnam

XYZLIFT explosion proof good lift, motor, electric parts, hydraulic system are all explosion proof kind. Explosion proof goods lifts are used in areas such as Defence Zones, Chemical Areas, Oil Refineries, Gas Refineries, etc.

XYZLIFT Mesh Enclosed Mezzanine Floor Lift

Warehouse cargo lift feedback video from Australia. Mezzanine floor lift with roller door, automatic open. Door open, mezzanine goods lift do not work. XYZLIFT team recommend roller door, improve work efficiency.

XYZLIFT Goods Lift with Weighing Function

Heavey goods lift with weigh sysem, cargo on the lift platform, platform will show the weight. Prevent overload and know cargo weight easily.This kind lift suitable big load capacity cargo lift.

Different Landing Doors Of XYZLIFT Goods Lift

XYZLIFT Goods lift designed different landing door according to customer requirments. Roller door, automatical pannel door, swing door, automatic mesh cover door, fast speed PVC door.

XYZLIFT Fast Speed Goods Lift With Anti Drop System

Goods lift speed 15m/minute with big power frequency changer, when goods lift near floor level, reduce speed, and stop slowly. Lift with anti drop system, when cargo in/out to cargo lift, prevent platform up/down at floor level.

XYZLIFT Scissor Lift Safety Show For HongKong Customer

XYZLIFT scissor lift safety with Emergency stop, double final limited switch, electric toe guard, handrail with interlock, preventing wrong operation, overlaod warning, emergency down, maintainence support bar.

XYZLIFT Scissor Dock Lift For USA Customer

Scissor dock lift load 6000kg, travel height 1000mm, platform size 6000*3000mm, with one side lip and three sides handrail. Lip also could be automatic kinid.

XYZLIFT Scissor Lift With Full Mesh Cover and Roller Door

Scissor lift table working for paper packaging industry at VIC 3076, Australia.
Specifications: 1. Load 2000kg, travel height4760mm 2. Platform size 3350*1640mm 3. Power 415v, 3phase, 50hz

XYZLIFT Scissor Lift- Rotating Stage

XYZLIFT rotating stage, the platform table diameters 55m for shows of the 100th Anniversary of the founding of the Communist party of China. One big show in China, total five circles, each circle could rotate separately to different direction.

XYZLIFT Scissor Lift With Tilt Platform

Scissor lift platform tilt 90 degree, size amd platform tilt from length side or width side are according to customer. Tilt platform for unloading cargo fast, improve work effciency.XYZLIFT professional in scissor lift design and produce.

XYZLIFT Scissor Lift Platform

Scissor lift package is small, save shipment fee. When sea shipment fee is high, scissor kind cargo lift is good choose. Installation in pit. Scissor lift mesh cover is optional. Door with interlock, working with warning.

XYZLIFT Scissor Lift Move On Rail In One China Factory

XYZLIFT rail mounted scissor lift transport and lifting cargo in factory, used in painting room, steel factory,save labor and increase efficiency. We ever produce 10t load capacity, and height 9m, platform size 8m*3m rail mounted scissor lift.

XYZLift Scissor Goods Lift For Australia Customer

XYZLIFT scissor goods lift test for Australia customer. Load capacity 4t, platform size 2m*2m, travel height 3.2m. Scissor lift table installed in Sydney city. XYZLIFT test scissor lift working before shipment.

XYZLIFT Scissor Lift Table In Cambodia

Scissor lift table control by foot pedal, lift table thickness only 50mm as customer requiremets. Scissor lift fixed on floor direclty and used for wooden work. They bought one lift as trial order, however decide long time cooperation.

XYZLIFT Screw Scissor Lift

XYZLIFT Screw scissor lift with fast lift speed, clean design, little noise, no hydraulic unit, so environmentally friendly. Suitable work in food, pharmaceuticals industry, Laboratory.

XYZLIFT Full Enclosed Home Lift

XYZLIFT home lift with full enclosed, platform size 1m*1m, 2 stop, load 250kg. Color could be DIY. Max platform size 1200*1800mm, landing door automatic open, suitable outdoor installation.

XYZLIFT 3 Stop Home LIft

Three stop home lift for elder people. A convenient elevator for moving up and down. The design and color of the elevator are based on customer preferences.

A small home elevator installed near the staircase, featuring a landing door. It is designed for the convenience of family members moving up and down floors and for transporting luggage.

A three-story home elevator designed to assist elderly individuals with floor navigation. The cabin’s decoration and color are customized according to client preferences.

A home elevator with automatic double-opening doors, designed as a black full-view panoramic elevator. It’s quiet, safe, and facilitates easy movement between floors.

A circular traction home panoramic elevator with an attractive appearance, equipped with automatic center-split doors and designed to save space.

XYZLIFT Scissor Car Lift

Scissor car lift for one car company in Sydney of Australia.
Specifications: 1. Load 4000kg, travel height3500mm 2. Platform size 6000*2400mm 3. Power 415v, 3phase, 50hz

Galvanized Double Deck Scissor Car Lift For Europe Customer

Load capacity 5t, Lifting height 3m, parking two cars, installed in car garage or home garden. Galvanized scissor car lift will be installed home garden for car parking.

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