Underground Car Garage Elevator

 Maximize the Efficiency of Your Parking Garage

Types of Car Garage Elevator

Standard car garage elevator

Optimizing the parking needs of most customers

Telescopic car garage elevator

Designed specifically for indoor use with limited upper floor height

Galvanized car garage elevator

Perfect for outdoor parking in humid environments

Mode List of Car Garage Elevator

Model Load capacity Lift height Platform size
XYZSL-2.8 3000kg 2800mm 2500*5800mm
XYZSL-3 3000kg 3000mm 2500*6000mm
XYZSL-3.5 5000kg 3500mm 3000*6000mm
XYZSL-4 5000kg 4000mm 3000*6000mm

Customize Your Car Garage Elevator

You have the freedom to customize your car garage elevator with us. We accept your unique specifications to match your needs.

Please supply Parameters as follows:

Your Major Components for Car Garage Elevator



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Base frame

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Hydraulic Pump

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Hydraulic Cylinder

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Control Box

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Your underground car garage elevator's anti-skid platforms are perfect for rainy weather, ensuring secure traction and optimal performance. The lower platform handles two cars, and robust steel ensures strength.



For your underground car garage elevator, we've added reinforced beams on scissors for stability and secure lifting. With wear-resistant and galvanized bearings, your elevator's durability is our priority.



Your underground car garage elevator adapts to your needs with flexible post height and telescopic options for limited spaces. With eight posts, this double deck scissor car lift ensures strength, easily lifting the top platform car.


Hydraulic Pump

The pump station in your underground car garage elevator, powered by a Siemens motor, is customized to your local voltage, typically housed within the platform. With a standard 11 kW power, it ensures reliable operation of the double deck scissor car lift.


Hydraulic Cylinder

Your underground car garage elevator is engineered for safety and stability, equipped with four specialized cylinders. Anti-explosion proof valves on each cylinder. These valves are your safeguard against potential hazards, preventing any risk in case of hydraulic oil leaks or explosions.


Control Box

Your underground car garage elevator comes with emergency stop buttons on the control box and each floor panel, allowing immediate halting for safety. Want more convenience? Opt for remote control capabilities, perfect for driving a car onto or off the lift. Enjoy easy control and seamless experience with your underground car garage elevator.

Safety of Car Garage Elevator

Your underground car garage elevator complies with EN81-31 and ISO9001 standards. Trust in the quality and safety with us.

Hydraulic System

Overload Protection: Your underground car garage elevator comes with advanced overload protection. It detects and stops excessive weight, ensuring safe operation, and shielding both lift and vehicles from damage.

Emergency Descent Valve: Equipped with a trustworthy emergency descent valve, your underground car garage elevator ensures controlled and safe descent, even when power is compromised.

Hydraulic Cylinder with Explosion-Proof Valve: Safety first with your underground car garage elevator. Its hydraulic cylinder has a robust explosion-proof valve, preventing accidents from hydraulic oil leaks or explosions.

Pump Station with Protective Cover: Durability matters. Your underground car garage elevator features a protective cover for the pump station, adding defense against adverse weather and external forces.

Control System

  • Emergency Stop Button: Your underground car garage elevator features an easily accessible emergency stop button at each floor. Should a hazardous situation arise, a simple press ensures immediate halt, safeguarding personnel and preventing accidents.

    Final Limit Switch: For precision and safety, your underground car garage elevator is equipped with a final limit switch. Strategically positioned, it serves as an extra safety layer, preventing overtraveling and ensuring exact positioning.

    Voltage Protection Mechanisms: Power stability matters. Your underground car garage elevator includes voltage protection mechanisms to shield from power fluctuations and electrical issues, ensuring consistent performance and safety.

    Key Switch for Power Supply Cutoff: Security made simple. Your underground car garage elevator has a key switch, allowing authorized users to cut off power and secure the equipment, preventing unauthorized operation.


  • Maintenance Support Bar: Your underground car garage elevator comes with a maintenance support bar for unbeatable stability during servicing. Say goodbye to unintended descents and work in a safe environment, thanks to this thoughtful feature.

    Electric Toe Guard: Safety first! Your underground car garage elevator is fitted with an electric toe guard that instantly stops the lift if it encounters an obstacle. Experience peace of mind with this proactive safety feature.

    Anti-Slip Platform Surface: With your underground car garage elevator, the anti-slip steel plate ensures secure traction, eliminating vehicle sliding during operations. Ideal for rainy days, this thoughtful design prioritizes both vehicle and personal safety.

    Top Platform Edge: Need the perfect fit for floor holes or pit holes? Your underground car garage elevator can be customized with a small sloping edge that smoothly aligns with the floor or drainage channel edge, ensuring seamless integration.

How to Install Car Garage Elevator

Free Assebmled of Double Deck Scissor Car Lift

XYZLIFT offers you an underground car garage elevator that’s a breeze to install and a joy to use. Your lift arrives partially assembled, leaving only the top platform to put together. Once that’s done, fit your underground car garage elevator into the pit, connect to power, and voila! Efficiency and reliability at your fingertips.

We get it – your time is precious. That’s why your underground car garage elevator is crafted for effortless setup. Our team of experts assembles all components, except the top platform, to guarantee a top-notch product you can depend on. With XYZLIFT, trust that your underground car garage elevator will be operational and enhancing your space in no time.


Operation & Maintenance

If you encounter any problems while using our double deck scissor car lift, our experienced after-sales team will assist you in resolving them quickly.

Safety first concept.
Safety Instruction

Safety instructions posted next to car garage elevator control buttons for secure machine operation.

Operation Guideline

Before operate underground car garage elevator, ready operation giuideline to operate scissor lift on right way.

Maintenance Engineer
Maintenance Guideline

We provide a detailed daily maintenance checklist to ensure proper upkeep of car garage elevator.

Working Video of Car Elevator

Undergroud car garage elevator customer feedback video

Play Video

Undergroud car garage elevator test before rust remove.

Two units galvanized undergroud car garage elevator for europe customer

Most Frequently Questions.

What we are thinking is all about your safty.

The delivery time for one unit undergroud car garage elevator is 3–5 weeks from the order deposit.

To accurately specify a undergroud car garage elevator, we require the following information:Load capacity: Weight and type of car to be lifted
Platform size: Size larger than the car being lifted or shaft size
Travel height: Distance between floors
Special functions or requests: Explosion-proof double deck scissor car lift.

Our heavy-duty undergroud car garage elevator items weighing up to 50 tons.

Please provide the interested RAL color number, and we will produce the undergroud car garage elevator accordingly.

Unlock Value with Your Underground Car Garage Elevator

A Smart Investment for Convenience and Efficiency

One Car Lift Cost Include

Factors Influence Car Lift Price

  1. Fluctuations in raw material prices
  2. Complexity of features
  3. Requirements for electrical components and motor brands
  4. Fluctuations in freight charges
  5. Exchange rate fluctuations
  6. Galvanized

A Free Drainage Trough For Your Order

Why this special gift for you? It’s simple. The drainage trough we’re offering keeps rainwater from entering your elevator system, ensuring continuous protection.

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Safety Instructions for Scissor Car Lift

  1. Only trained and authorized personnel should operate the equipment.
  2. The scissor car lift should not be used to lift people.
  3. Do not exceed the Safe Working Load (SWL) of the lift platform.
  4. Ensure that loads are centered on the lift platform.
  5. If the load is mobile, secure it in a fixed position before operating the lift.
  6. Keep the entire load within the perimeter of the platform during lift operation.
  7. Maintain clear areas beneath the platform and around the lift’s perimeter while it is in motion.
  8. Never work under the lift without the maintenance device(s) in place.

Operation Guideline for Scissor Car Lift

  1. Turn the power switch to “ON” after inserting the key.
  2. Release the Emergency Stop Button on the power station and control boxes.
  3. Ensure all doors are closed before operating the Lift Platform.
  4. Press the UP Button to raise the Lift Platform until it reaches the designated upper height.
  5. Press the DOWN Button to lower the Lift Platform until it reaches the designated lower height.
  6. Press the Emergency Stop Button in case of an emergency to halt the movement.
  7. In the event of control or power failure, open the Emergency Down Valve to lower the Lift Platform to the parking position.
  8. Turn off the Lift Platform by lowering it to the parking position and switching the power key to the “OFF” position.

Maintenance Guideline for Scissor Car Lift

  1. Daily inspection

Daily inspection is effective to find the malfunction or fault on the scissor car lift. Before operation, check the lift according to the following points.

CAUTION!   Do not use the scissor car lift if any malfunction or fault is found.

  • Check scratches, bending or crack on the lift.
  • Check smooth movement of the platform.
  • Check control panel ensure well working.
  • Check if there is any hydraulic oil leakage.
  • Check the vertical creep of the platform.
  1. Maintenance instructions
Inspection Contents Standard
Every 1 month
Lubricate all the joints and pivot points Keep lubricated
Limit switch for all floors Running normally
Guard-lock switch for landing door Running normally
Guard-lock switch for platform door Running normally
Motor pump station Running normally
Warning light Running normally
Control cabinet terminals No looseness, no damage
Chains No looseness, no damage
Wire ropes No looseness, no damage
Guide rails No deformation
Guard net No damage
All electric wires No damage
Accompanying cable No damage
Every 6 months
Check oil level of oil tank Keep clean and no oil leakage
Check the cleanliness of oil filter Keep clean
Fasten all the connecting parts again Fastened tightly
Check wear and tear of pressure oil pipes Replace new one if badly worn
Check hydraulic cylinder Keep no oil leakage
Fix main parts tighten again Fastened tightly
Check the function of micro-switches Running normally
Check whole working state of the lift Running normally
Every 1 year
Check wear and tear of all axial bushes No damage
Replace hydraulic oil Accumulated working 1000 hours
Check oil leaking No oil leakage
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