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The basic of Scissor Lift Table

XYZLIFT is your trusted manufacturer for customized scissor lift solutions. We specialize in designing and producing scissor lifts tailored to meet your specific requirements. Whether you need to transport cargo between mezzanines or floors, efficiently load and unload forklifts as a scissor dock lift, or lift stages with a turntable, we have the perfect solution for you.

Our scissor lifts are meticulously designed and manufactured according to your specifications, ensuring optimal performance and functionality. In addition to our standard models, we offer specialized scissor lifts such as stainless steel lifts for hygiene-sensitive industries, galvanized lifts for harsh environments, heavy load lifts for handling substantial weights, and tilt platform lifts for precise positioning.

At XYZLIFT, we prioritize your needs and strive to provide professional lift solutions that enhance your operations. Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering exceptional quality, reliability, and customization options. You can trust us to meet your specific lifting requirements, ensuring efficiency and exceeding your expectations.

Our Ranges of Scissor Lift

Find the Perfect Scissor Lift for Your Business Needs

  •   Different lifting height
Single Scissor Lift

Lifting height <2m

Double Scissor Lift

Lifting height 2-4m

High Scissor Lift

Lifting height  4-12m

Scissor Dock Lift

Lifting height  1.5 to 1.8m

  • Special requirements
Heavy Load Scissor Lift
Large Platform Scissor Lift
Low Profile Scissor Lift
Enclosed scissor Lift
  •  Moveable scissor lift
Electric Mobile Scissor Lift
Lift Table With Rail Wheel Frame
Transfer Cart With Lifting Table

Special Scissor Lift on Sale

 5 Customized Goods Lift with Special Surface Treatment or Functions

Scissor Lift With Galvanized
Scissor Lift With Stainless Steel
Scissor Lift With Explosion Proof
Scissor Lift With Tilt Platform
Scissor Lift With Turnable

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Major Components for Scissor Lift

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Base frame

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Hydraulic Pump

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Hydraulic Cylinder

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Control Box

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The scissor lift platform features a sturdy main structure constructed with high-quality channel steel and rectangular steel tubes. Its surface is enhanced with a checkered plate, offering both durability and improved traction. Additionally, the platform is equipped with strategically positioned handrails to ensure optimal cargo protection during lifting operations.



The scissor lift structure is standardized using rectangular steel tubes. The size of these tubes is carefully selected based on the load capacity and platform size requirements. In cases where a lower closed height is needed, we incorporate steel plates into the design. The thickness of these plates is specifically determined, considering the scissor lift's load capacity and platform size.


Base frame

The base of the scissor lift is constructed using channel steel, and the size of the channel steel is carefully selected based on the load capacity and total weight of the scissor lift. This ensures the stability and structural integrity of the scissor lift during operation. XYZLIFT prioritize the appropriate selection of channel steel dimensions to match the specific requirements of each scissor lift, providing you with a reliable and robust lifting solution.


Hydraulic Pump

The hydraulic power unit of the goods lift is supplied by Siemens, known for its long lifespan and minimal maintenance requirements. It can be customized to customer's voltage.


Hydraulic Cylinder

The diameter of the hydraulic cylinder in our scissor lifts is precisely selected to align with the specific lift height and load capacity requirements. This meticulous sizing ensures optimal performance and efficient lifting operations. For our hydraulic cylinder seals, we exclusively source high-quality seals from NSK, a renowned and trusted brand based in Japan.


Control Box

We utilize Omron limit switches in our goods lifts, ensuring accurate and reliable floor-level detection. We incorporate an additional final limit switch at the top floor as an extra safety precaution.


Platform/ base/ control

Railing And Gate
Loading Flap
Non-skid surfaces
Platform Lock
Roll Of Guard
Ball Roller Top
Roller conveyors
Bellows Curtain
Forklift pockets
Wireless control
Foot control
U-Shaped Tables
Optical Sensor Clock Control Height
Guiderail for Stable

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We Aim to Safer Lift

We adhere to the EN81-31 and national Chinese elevator industry standards, with quality management in line with ISO9001, to provide users with a safer goods lift

Hydraulic System

  • Overload protection:The scissor lift is equipped with an overload protection system that automatically detects and prevents excessive weight from being lifted, ensuring safe operation.
  • Emergency descend valve: The scissor lift is equipped with an overload protection system that automatically detects and prevents excessive weight from being lifted, ensuring safe operation.
  • Hydraulic Cylinder with explosive-proof valve:The scissor lift is equipped with an overload protection system that automatically detects and prevents excessive weight from being lifted, ensuring safe operation.
  • Pump station with case cover:The pump station of the scissor lift is enclosed with a protective case cover, offering protection against adverse weather conditions and external forces.

Control System

  • Emergency stop :The scissor lift lift is equipped with an emergency stop button that immediately halts the operation in case of any emergency or hazardous situation.
  • Final limit switch:The final limit switch is positioned above the top floor level limit switch to prevent overtravel of the scissor lift in case the top floor level limit switch malfunctions or fails to operate.
  • The scissor lift incorporates voltage protection mechanisms to safeguard the system from power fluctuations or electrical issues, ensuring safe and reliable operation.
  • Key switch to cut off power supply: A key switch is provided to cut off the power supply to scissor lift, allowing authorized personnel to secure and control the access to the equipment.


  • Maintain support bar:Our scissor lifts feature a maintenance support bar to enhance worker safety during maintenance tasks. This bar provides stability, preventing platform descent and ensuring a secure working environment.

  • Electric toe guard:Our scissor lifts are equipped with an electric toe guard for enhanced safety. This feature ensures that when the scissor lift encounters an obstacle while descending, it automatically stops to prevent any potential hazards.

  • Anti-slip platform surface:The inner platform surface is made of anti-skid steel plate, providing traction and preventing cargo from sliding when the scissor goods lift is moving up or down.

  • Our scissor lifts have rails and interlocked doors for enhanced safety. The platform is equipped with 1.1m high railings to prevent goods from falling off during operation. The interlock system ensures that the scissor lift only operates when the door is closed, while opening the door automatically stops the lift.

Scissor Lift Installation

Installation Site

Scissor lift not through the floor hole, only need fixed in pit

Scissor lift pass through the floor hole,install the guardrail

Installation Steps

Free Assebmled of Scissor Lift

Our scissor lifts are expertly assembled, including the proper connection of the electric control system. The installation process is simple, as the lift only needs to be securely fixed in the designated pit using bolts. Rest assured, the necessary bolts for installation are supplied by XYZLIFT. We strive to provide a comprehensive solution that ensures a seamless and hassle-free experience for our customers.

Operation & Maintenance

If you encounter any problems while using our goods lift, our experienced after-sales team will assist you in resolving them quickly.

Safety first concept.
Safety Instruction

Safety instructions posted next to scissor lift control buttons for secure machine operation.

Operation Guideline

before operate scissor lift, ready operation giuideline to operate scissor lift on right way

Maintenance Engineer
Maintenance Guideline

We provide a detailed daily maintenance checklist to ensure proper upkeep of the scissor lift.

Scissor Lift Project Show

Most Frequently Questions.

What we are thinking is all about your safty.

The delivery time for our scissor lifts is 3–5 weeks from the order deposit.

To accurately specify a scissor lift, we require the following information:Load capacity: Weight and type of materials to be lifted
Platform size: Size slightly larger than the materials being lifted or shaft size
Travel height: Distance between floors
Loading and unloading directions: Access from one side, opposite sides, or three sides
Special functions or requests: lower closed height scissor lif t, explosion-proof standards, gavanized scissor lift,stainless steel scissor lift.
Additional equipment: Optional items required, such as full mesh cover, electromagnetic fall protection, landing safety fence, roller door, etc.

Our goods lift can travel up to 11m, covering 4 floors.

Our heavy-duty scissor lift can lift items weighing up to 100 tons, ensuring stability with thick steel and stronger cylinder.

Please provide the interested RAL color number, and we will produce the scissor lift accordingly.

The Cost of Scissor Lift

Scissor lift price according to load capaicty, lift height and platform size. The price is subject to fluctuations in the cost of raw materials, changes in exchange rates, and variations in the brand of accessories and add-on equipment.

One Scissor Lift Cost Include

Factors Influence Scissor Lift Price

  1. Fluctuations in raw material prices
  2. Complexity of features
  3. Requirements for electrical components and motor brands
  4. Fluctuations in freight charges
  5. Exchange rate fluctuations

Custom Lifts That Suits Your Need

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Safety Instructions for Scissor Lift

  1. Only trained and authorized personnel should operate the equipment.
  2. The scissor lift should not be used to lift people.
  3. Do not exceed the Safe Working Load (SWL) of the lift platform.
  4. Ensure that loads are centered on the lift platform.
  5. If the load is mobile, secure it in a fixed position before operating the lift.
  6. Keep the entire load within the perimeter of the platform during lift operation.
  7. Maintain clear areas beneath the platform and around the lift’s perimeter while it is in motion.
  8. Never work under the lift without the maintenance device(s) in place.

Operation Guideline for Scissor Lift

  1. Turn the power switch to “ON” after inserting the key.
  2. Release the Emergency Stop Button on the power station and control boxes.
  3. Ensure all doors are closed before operating the Lift Platform.
  4. Press the UP Button to raise the Lift Platform until it reaches the designated upper height.
  5. Press the DOWN Button to lower the Lift Platform until it reaches the designated lower height.
  6. Press the Emergency Stop Button in case of an emergency to halt the movement.
  7. In the event of control or power failure, open the Emergency Down Valve to lower the Lift Platform to the parking position.
  8. Turn off the Lift Platform by lowering it to the parking position and switching the power key to the “OFF” position.

Maintenance Guideline for Scissor Lift

  1. Daily inspection

Daily inspection is effective to find the malfunction or fault on the scissor lift. Before operation, check the lift according to the following points.

CAUTION!   Do not use the scissor lift if any malfunction or fault is found.

  • Check scratches, bending or crack on the lift.
  • Check smooth movement of the platform.
  • Check control panel ensure well working.
  • Check if there is any hydraulic oil leakage.
  • Check the vertical creep of the platform.
  1. Maintenance instructions
Inspection Contents Standard
Every 1 month
Lubricate all the joints and pivot points Keep lubricated
Limit switch for all floors Running normally
Guard-lock switch for landing door Running normally
Guard-lock switch for platform door Running normally
Motor pump station Running normally
Warning light Running normally
Control cabinet terminals No looseness, no damage
Chains No looseness, no damage
Wire ropes No looseness, no damage
Guide rails No deformation
Guard net No damage
All electric wires No damage
Accompanying cable No damage
Every 6 months
Check oil level of oil tank Keep clean and no oil leakage
Check the cleanliness of oil filter Keep clean
Fasten all the connecting parts again Fastened tightly
Check wear and tear of pressure oil pipes Replace new one if badly worn
Check hydraulic cylinder Keep no oil leakage
Fix main parts tighten again Fastened tightly
Check the function of micro-switches Running normally
Check whole working state of the lift Running normally
Every 1 year
Check wear and tear of all axial bushes No damage
Replace hydraulic oil Accumulated working 1000 hours
Check oil leaking No oil leakage
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