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Technical Data

Major Safety Components for Vertical Platform Lift

We adhere to the EN81-41, with quality management in line with ISO9001, to provide users with a safer lift


Guide Rail

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Hydraulic Cylinder

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Control Panel

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Limit Switch

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Safety Brake

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Guide Rail

The vertical platform lift guide rails are sourced from aluminum factories that comply with national standards. The thickness and hardness of the aluminum beams meet the required standards, ensuring vertical lift platform quality.



The framework of the platform is designed based on the load capacity, with an anti-slip pattern plate on top. The platform is equipped with a 1.2m high guard gate to protect the wheelchair or passengers. Under platform is installed with safety panel, when platform down meet the obstacle, the lift will stop work.


Hydraulic Cylinder

The hydraulic cylinder used in the lift is specifically designed for hydraulic lifts. It features NSK seals from Japan.The cylinder is also equipped with an explosion-proof valve for added safety.



The hydraulic power unit features a silent motor, ensuring a noise-free operation. Equipped with a soft lifting up and down valve, our vertical platform lift provides a smooth and gradual stop when approaching floor level. Experience the convenience of a quiet and gentle lifting experience with XYZLift.


Control System

Each floor of vertical platform lifts are equipped with mounted controllers, providing easy access and control at your fingertips.
Our controllers also feature an emergency stop function, allowing you to quickly halt the operation in case of any unforeseen circumstances.
To enhance the efficiency and performance of our lift platforms, we integrate frequency control in the electric box. This feature allows for precise control and adjustment of the lifting speed, ensuring smooth and reliable operations tailored to your specific needs.


Limit Switch

We utilize OMRON limit switches in our vertical platform lift, ensuring accurate and reliable floor-level detection. We incorporate an additional final limit switch at the top floor as an extra safety precaution.


Safety Brake

Safety is our top priority at XYZLift, especially when it comes to our vertical platform lift for people. That's why our platforms are equipped with brake safety measures to provide added protection. In the event of cylinder failure, the platform is designed to prevent sudden drops. Instead, it will come to a halt at the guardrail, ensuring the safety of the occupants and surrounding area. You can have peace of mind knowing that our lift platforms are engineered with your safety in mind.

Model XYZVPL-1
Load capacity 250kg
Platform usable size 1430*1000mm Customizable Dimensions to Suit Your Installation Space
Travel height up to 15 meters
Rated speed 6m/min
Machine height Travel height plus 1640mm

Vertical Platform Lift Options to Enhance Your User Experience

Please let us know your preferences from the following options, some of which are free while others are available for a fee.

  • 1.   Entrance and exit direction is optional
  • 2.   Manual landing door or automatic landing door 
  • 3.   Finish is available in RAL colors, and stainless steel
  • 4.   Vertical platform lift with floor hole cover

1. Entrance and exit direction

The entry and exit options include single-sided entry and exit, 90-degree entry and exit, 180-degree entry and exit, and three-sided entry and exit, which can be selected based on your specific usage requirements.

2. Landing door

Installing landing safety fences on each floor, especially on upper floors, can prevent people from getting too close, making mistakes, falling, and other risks.

3. Different finish

Upgrade your vertical lift platform with versatile cover options. Choose between stainless steel or steel plates available in various colors to perfectly complement your customer’s surroundings. 

4. Floor hole cover

When the platform is at ground level, the cover securely conceals the floor hole, preventing any accidents and ensuring no one accidentally falls into the hole.

Knowledge of Installation

Common installation scenarios

On The Wall 

In the shaft

Near the Stair

In the floor hole

Vertical lift plaform is assembled well, only do fix work

3-step guide to install a vertical lift platform

Step 1  Fixed lift on ground by bolt               

Step 2  Fixed vertical lift platform on the wall by bolt   

Step 3  Connect to power 

Step 1

Step 1

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Step 2

Step 2

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Step 3

Step 3

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Vertical Lift Platform Project Show

Vertical Lift Platform Customer Feedback Video

Most Frequently Questions.

What we are thinking is all about your safty.

The delivery time for our govertical lift platform is 3–5 weeks from the order deposit.

To accurately specify a vertical lift platform, we require the following information:
Platform size: standard platform size is 1430*1000mm, or shaft size we design platform size accordingly.
Travel height: Distance between floors
Loading and unloading directions: Access from one side, opposite sides, or three sides
Additional equipment: Optional items required, such as glass shaft,landing door etc.

Our vertical lift platform can travel up to 16m, covering 5 floors.

Our heavy-duty load vertical lift platform can lift items weighing up to 750kg,standard vertical lift platform load capacity is 250kg.

Please provide the interested RAL color number, and we will produce the vertical lift platform accordingly.

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