2.2m wheelchair lift for A Retired Marine Engineer in West Australia

The customer for our Wheelchair lift wanted a residential vertical platform lift with a capacity of 250 kg for outside use. Our primary focus was to make it easy for users to access higher in their Australian home. This was a mini home elevator as you can imagine, but then again it was a very interesting and rather nifty project that the customer wanted. Since our customer is a retired marine engineer at around 80 years of age, he knows the ins and outs of how this type of product works. Also he offered us many valuable feedback.

The idea with this Wheelchair lift was to make it easier for the customer to reach the garage, porch and deck. The home was created in such a way that many of these places had to be accessed via wheelchair. That was the problem here, because adapting all this kind of stuff is not an easy thing to do, and we made sure that the results were among some of the best out there. Moreover, the fact that we test all of our products to ensure that they stick to the chat and its requirements.

Our primary focus was to make sure that everyone in the home would be able to reach 2nd floor with height 2.2m of the property without any problem. We understand all the challenges that come with problems like this, and we are always very committed to bring in front the very best value and quality regardless of the situation. There are some great features to be had here, such as an automatic ramp and a non-skid surface that makes it easy for our customer to reach his upper deck without any hassle.

We used the best materials and full safety parts (contact us for details) to ensure that the users didn’t deal with any problems to begin with. And the Wheelchair lift was heavily tested to ensure that there was no error. Months after the installation process, the customer is extremely happy with our work and all families are safely using this Wheelchair lift again and again. It was a great opportunity for them and it’s something that made them very happy!

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Author:April Zhao

Title: Sales Manager of XYZLIFT

Profile:At the helm of hydraulic lift innovation and sales at XYZLIFT since the distinguished year of 2011.

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