200kgs Dumbwaiter Customized for A 2.36m High Headroom in UK

One of our customers needed a good Dumbwaiter that was very reliable and easy to use. We customized the max cabin of the Dumbwaiter and we took into account that the headroom was pretty restrictive, but we did whatever we could in order to make the process a reality.

Our customer needed a 500 kg Dumbwaiter kit with machine at the base. The need was to be only an 8 ft lift, so it wasn’t exactly a very large unit. But it was very helpful and reliable, and it did bring in front a great array of features that we had to use at any given time.

We took the measurements right away, showcased the Dumbwaiter kit for sale and the models that we have, and also informed the customer about the total cost. We knew that this would be hard for him to figure out on his own, so we did everything in our power to deliver a very good set of results the best way that we could. The customer cut the ceiling 1250 x 1350 for frame, and we also had the box to park at the counter height downstairs and upstairs as well. The thing to note here is that the height was pretty limited, so there wasn’t a lot of room for error or for us to come up with any different options. But it was more than ok.

The customer came to the installation size of 1300Wx1200D mm, and upstairs we had to go to 2360mm same with ground floor. The Dumbwaiter kit design was distinct as we had a Loading capacity 200KG, 2stops, Cabin size (W*D*H) 900*900*700mm. In regards to the Cabin opening direction, we chose to go with a single opening. However, we did bring in cabin doors of bi-parting and landing doors. This did add up to bring in front a great experience, and the results did pay off a lot in this regard. The motor unit is at the bottom and it does work extremely well in that perspective. Moreover, the customer agreed to have the serving and loading from the counter level entrance. We did include rise and fall shutters to make this convenient and very professional.

Since we supply packing and parts for the user, it was very easy to handle this process adequately. We also offered a manual and an installation video for the customer, all in order to make everything better and more convenient in that perspective.

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Author:April Zhao

Title: Sales Manager of XYZLIFT

Profile:At the helm of hydraulic lift innovation and sales at XYZLIFT since the distinguished year of 2011.

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