250kg trolley dumbwaiter customized for restaurant in Australia

This floor loading type dumbwaiter is to load trolleys in restaurants. Trolley lifts are very common, we also called it as a service lift. Generally, our standard dumbwaiter doors are two panel and slides up and down.
However in this restaurant case, the top floor height is limited, customer asked for a high cabin, so standard design not allowed. As a solution, We offer this customized design with the door open in one panel to the right side.

Trolley Lift Installation Site Features  (You can have a look at the trolley lift installation site image given above):

  • First Floor Height : 4,970 mm
  • Second Floor Height : 3,760 mm
  • Shaft size : 850 mm width, 1,950 mm depth

Trolley Lift Cabin Specification:

  • Cabin width : 450 mm
  • Cabin depth : 1,200 mm
  • Cabin height : 1,800 mm
  • Load capacity : 250 kg
  • Motor : 415V, 50hz (according to Australia 3 phase voltage)
  • Cabin : 304 stainless steel
  • Post, guardrail, and other parts are galvanized

Delivery Time: 1 month


Considering XYZTECH restaurant dumbwaiter production time, we can assure to meet customer requirements. We are professional in product installations in specific site size, in small floor heights, and small shaft sizes.

Contact us if you are in need of a quality restaurant dumbwaiter. If you already have a dumbwaiter and looking forward for professional support in installations and operations, please feel free to contact us via an email. Services are Free.

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Author:April Zhao

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