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Customer Background:

One of our valuable clients named Mike has a company with a long history of dealing with bespoke storage. The company has been serving its clients, who want a safe store for their fine art, antiques, or other personal effects, since 1944. It has numerous warehouses all over the USA. To handle such big business, Mike needed to hire us for a top-quality and customized mezzanine goods lift to solve their material handling problem. Right after he contacted us, he sent us a detailed inquiry with a simple drawing just for an idea. Once we got all the requirements, our professional team presented the perfect solution along with affordable mezzanine goods lift price.

XYZLift’s Design & Solution:

Our professional team did some research on the company to have a better idea about their work. We covered all the key and standard features to meet their requirements for a mezzanine floor lift. We presented a mezzanine goods lift design with a size of 3m*2.5m, load capacity of 2500kg, and lift height of 3.5m. Furthermore, we understood their need for moving high-value goods so we made a customized mezzanine floor lift with all the safety measures.

A balanced level was added in order to prevent mezzanine goods lift platform from any shakiness or unbalances when the load is put on the sides. Overload warning feature is a must for the safety of workers near the lift and we prefer adding this feature in all the mezzanine goods lift that we manufacture. The electric parts used in the lift were of the high-quality brand called Schneider. We also added customized electrically and mechanically interlocked doors to prevent any waste of load during the movement, along with the feature of supported mesh.

Customer Feedback:

“I have never worked with such a professional team before! The team was really cooperative and updated us at every stage of the manufacture and installation of the lift. The presented the perfect design and started working right after we approved. Also, their professional team provided my team with the proper instructions and training on how to run a mezzanine goods lift. We are happy with this advanced solution, and the lift is working smoothly and safely for us! Highly recommended. I love my lift, it’s truly amazing. If customer wants to call me, that’s fine too. We will help XYZLIFT team however I can” – Mike, CEO.

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Author:April Zhao

Title: Sales Manager of XYZLIFT

Profile:At the helm of hydraulic lift innovation and sales at XYZLIFT since the distinguished year of 2011.

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