Different Types of XYZLift’s Scissor Lifts

Every construction site needs a scissor lift as it is a useful piece of equipment. XYZLift is well-known for high-quality lifts; we provide safe and customized scissor lifts according to the specifications provided by the customers according to their budget. Scissor lifts help workers to carry load between different floors. XYZLift has a wide range of scissor lifts used at the worksites.

Scissor Lift Platform with Ball:

This type of scissor lift functions with the help of a ball attached to the platform for movement in any direction. The scissor lift platform with the ball is great for loading/unloading cargo at the worksite and it also saves labor costs.

Scissor Lift Platform with Roller:

The scissor lift platform with rollers is used from cargo handling and transportation. Rollers on the lift help to move the cargo easily and smoothly. The rollers move in two directions, forward and backward. The scissor lift platform with rollers is used for shifting loads between different levels and is suitable for flow line production.

Scissor Lift with Rotary Platform:

Another platform installed in the scissor lift is called the Rotary platform. XYZLift provides a high-quality rotary platform scissor lift with high performance, which is usually used as a stage in shows. We manufacture customized round platforms of different sizes as per client request.

Tilt Scissor Lift:

XYZLift’s high-quality tilt scissor lift allows workers to position the load on the lift without getting injured. It also helps them to unload the cargo easily, especially bulk materials such as coal, steels, etc. This lift is specifically designed to improve convenience at work sites.

Stainless Steel 304 Scissor Lift:

Stainless steel 304 scissor lift is made for food-grade materials and brings high stability while carrying the load. This type of scissor lift is highly used in food industries and medical plants and can be used for a long time. It is easy to sustain and maintain the stainless steel scissor lift and keep it rust-free.

Lower Profile Scissor Life with U-shape:

The lower profile scissor lift with U-shape is made with a closed height of 85mm only. It is fixed onto the ground and has a manual hydraulic scissor mechanism suitable for pallet trucks loading and unloading.

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Author:April Zhao

Title: Sales Manager of XYZLIFT

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