Electric Scissor Lifting Table For Subway Maintenance in Singapore

Mike, who worked for the Singapore Railway Company, contacted XYZLIFTS to make a special electric scissor lifting table for subway maintenance. Mike chose XYZLIFTS because we have top-notch customization ability, and our technicians can completely understand what our customers want.

Customizing a machine includes plenty of communication problems, as it becomes trickier to communicate with people who need help understanding the technicalities behind lifting table security and usage scenarios.

Customer requirements & concerns

  • The electric scissor lifting table should be able to lift to 2000 mm and load 1500 kg.
  • The table size must be 860 x 1400 mm.
  • The company will be using it in the maintenance pit.
  • One special request: The scissor must be able to lift and move big parts under the subway car. Our working space is 600mm high only. To let the electric scissor lifting table work efficiently, the scissors lift will be moved by Φ140x60mm Iron core polyurethane wheels on the rail. That means we will supply a rail in the pit bottom for the scissor lift to move along easily.

Customer Requirements & Our recommendations

1.The platform will be able to lift and lower itself, as well as move at least 200 mm from left to right and forward to backward. We need it to be simple and easy to operate so that whenever we have to install big parts to the subway, the operator can easily move parts in all directions.We want a control handle with operational and non-operational angles.

XYZLIFT reply: You can use the operational bar on an operational angle to operate the scissor lift efficiently and conveniently.

2.The surface of the electric scissor lifting table is designed specifically for the needs. As a pit lifting platform, it has a removable flat surface plate with MN phosphate coating (plate thickness is 6 to 8mm) bolted to the platform with a stainless steel countersunk bolt.

XYZLIFT reply:We have added one black panel on the top surface, saving parts paint from getting damaged.

3.If you are concerned about the speed controller, similar to the features in the lifting table we manufacture.

XYZLIFT reply:don’t worry; we will add the speed-controlling function to the pit electric lifting table. We could choose slow or fast speed.

4.If you are referring to the emergency reverse equipped at the control handle.

We have added it to the lifting table, as shown in the picture below.

5.We propose much smaller maintenance supporting poles at the base of the lifting table. It would be best if you swiveled it up to lock it onto the platform. Otherwise, we can also have a locking device such as a swivel metal piece or a latch mechanism that can swivel into the traversing path of the rollers to serve as a stopper.

We have added it, as shown in the picture below.

6.As the lifting table moves, an alert (Red) light must be activated. We recommend including a buzzer with it. Please replace the cumbersome revolving light with a recess LED blinking light.

LED blinding lights set into recesses are what we’ll be using.

9.The valve saves the platform from falling during a hose burst. What if we made a valve that would keep the platform from sinking if it was kept high?

XYZLIFT solution has added an electric valve that can lift down only by button control.

10.We have added this feature to prevent the platform from slamming down during descending to its minimum despite the directional valve being pulled to its maximum descending speed.

XYZLIFT solution offers a platform that automatically slows down the impact when it operates to the bottom area.

11.You inquired about features such as a low-battery warning buzzer. For instance, when the electric scissor table’s battery power is down to 30%, a constant buzzer can tell the user to stop using the table and charge the battery.

We have added a charging alarm device to this machine.

Customer feedback

We recently worked with XYZLifts, and their top-quality electric scissor lifting table for subway maintenance is super efficient. The entire experience was smooth and hassle-free and exceeded our expectations regarding efficiency and safety.

The electric scissor lifting table is of top quality, durable, and designed for the unique needs of subway maintenance. The electric scissor lift table is highly efficient, allowing our team to lift heavy equipment and materials easily, and its sturdy design ensures that it remains stable and safe throughout the process.

The team at XYZLifts was professional, knowledgeable, and highly responsive to our needs. They provided us with excellent customer service, answered all our questions and concerns, and delivered the product on time.

Our team has been using the electric scissor-lifting table for several months, and we are extremely pleased with the results. It has been an invaluable asset to our subway maintenance work, and we have had no issues with breakdowns or malfunctions since installation.

Overall, We highly recommend XYZLifts and their top-quality electric scissor lifting table to any business needing reliable, efficient, and safe vertical transportation for their subway maintenance needs. Thank you for the excellent product and excellent service!

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Author:April Zhao

Title: Sales Manager of XYZLIFT

Profile:At the helm of hydraulic lift innovation and sales at XYZLIFT since the distinguished year of 2011.

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