Ensuring Safety with Different Landing Doors of Warehouse Goods Lift

The landing door is a significant feature of the warehouse goods lift and needs to be created and installed safely. XYZLifts meets customers’ budget and safety needs by providing customized landing doors of lifts at the warehouses or residential areas. So far, we have successfully been able to manufacture and install different types of landing doors of goods lift including:

Standard Hinged Door:

We carefully attach hinged doors to the warehouse goods lift without affecting its functionality and operations. All the customized features are utilized for efficient functionality at economical and affordable prices. The safety feature is installed so that the lift will only operate when all the doors are closed.

Roller Shutter Door:

Goods lift roller shutter door is another automated landing door installed with safety. The roller shutter door is controlled by a remote and can be easily operated by the workers. The worker can easily carry the warehouse cargo to the lift by forklift and open the door using the remote. After which he can safely drive forklift onto the lift directly to carry the load to another floor.

Bi-parting Panel Door:

Bi-parting panel door, made up of high-quality standards, opens automatically when the warehouse cargo lift reaches the floor level. The door sections open vertically away from the middle. It can be used to carry heavy loads that have increased widths. The opening size is more than the usual size and takes less time to open.

Collapsible door:

Folding doors of warehouse goods lift are used for small installation sites. The folding door does not need any extra space and can be installed easily. And economic door choose.

Automatic Guard Rail Door:

Our automatic guard rail door opens with the widest opening and has all the safety measures installed with a full emergency breakout. The auto-open guard rail door is available at economical prices according to the customer’s specifications. The door height does not require to be high. The door automatically closes when the warehouse goods lift operates. Once the lift platform comes at the floor level, the door opens automatically.

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Author:April Zhao

Title: Sales Manager of XYZLIFT

Profile:At the helm of hydraulic lift innovation and sales at XYZLIFT since the distinguished year of 2011.

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