Fast Hydraulic Cargo Lifts Making Vertical Transportation Quick

Customer Background:

One of our clients from Peru, named Alex, has a company that deals with plastic. The company has recently built 5 new warehouses and needed 6 warehouse cargo lifts with a high speed of 15m/min. Alex told us that they had already bought 2 units of hydraulic cargo lifts from China but the team was not satisfied. When the load is placed inside the hydraulic lift, it makes the platform go down 30mm, which was not safe at all. They needed a safer lift supplier, which is why they contacted the XYZLIFT cargo lift team.

Our Design & Solution:

The new warehouse cargo lift needed a total of 4 stops since the travel distance is 11.9m, which is quite a stretch. In addition to that, the customer needed fast speed cargo lift with a speed of 15m/minute. Although the standard speed of a lift is 4m-6m per minute, we presented a custom solution for hydraulic cargo lift with the required speed for the customer.

Alex had already bought 2 units hydraulic lift tables from China with issues; it was our first priority to provide solutions that were best and nothing less.

It is part of our regular job to test special lifts before the rust-removal process is performed on the steel structure. Once all the tests are fully conducted and satisfactory results are achieved, rust-removal and painting jobs are done. We made sure:

– Our XYZLIFT hydraulic lift table had an anti-drop system under the platform to ensure the safety of the workers and cargo lift. We provided a full guarantee of the cargo lift’s stability whilst going up and down.

Watch the video to see how our fast speed cargo lift works:

– Our fast speed cargo lift is not only stable but also steady during its movement between the floors. Our professional engineers added a buffer limit to reduce the speed of the hydraulic cargo lift when it approaches a stop.

– Last but not least, we used Schneider’s electric parts to ensure the lift works smoothly and steadily.

Customer Feedback:

“I was astonished by the solution that XYZLIFT provided us in such a short period of time. The fast speed hydraulic lift works smoothly, without any danger. This advanced solution for our warehouse has saved us a lot more time and I am glad that we chose XYZLIFT for our projects.” – Alex

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Author:April Zhao

Title: Sales Manager of XYZLIFT

Profile:At the helm of hydraulic lift innovation and sales at XYZLIFT since the distinguished year of 2011.

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