Heavy-Duty Goods Lifts For Haiti Super Market’s

Customer Background

Christine, CEO of a supermarket in Au Prince, Haiti contacted us for heavy duty goods lifts that had a weight lift capacity of 7 tons. The company has recently built two new supermarkets and they needed to install two lifts in the markets. Christine has contacted many heavy duty goods lift suppliers in the last one year, she compared different quotes from the companies and finally chose us to based on our quality and price point.

Our Design Solution

For Lift 1:

Lift Height: 5750mm

3 stops

Shaft Size: 2000*2200mm

Platform Size: 1200*2040mm

For Lift 2

Lift Height: 2870mm

2 stops

Shaft Size: 2.65m*2.65m

Platform Size: 1850*2490mm

We understand in the warehouses and supermarkets, the lift will be used very frequently and that is why we designed the lifts around heavy power motor. The power motor used will be 11kw to ensure that it is stable and runs without any hiccups. The main guardrail used will be 150H steel to ensure that is very strong and safe to be sued for heavy loads. For the lift color, the client specifically wanted red-colored heavy-duty goods lifts and we complied with it.

Since the lifts are to be used in Haiti, we used workable motors with 60 Hertz, 220 volts that is conventional for Haiti. Since we always prefer quality, we partnered with Schneider for all the electrical parts. Since supermarkets are super busy during the weekends, the client requested for fast speed cargo lifts to match with their operations.

We also ensure to include additional safety features in our lifts. Some of the safety features included in these models are:

  • Interlock, while the lift door is open, the lift will not work.
  • Emergency stop
  • Overload warning
  • In the case of a loose chain, the lift will not operate.

Customer Feedback

Investing in these lifts has been by far the best decision. It has been a few months and I have no complaints. The fast speed of the lift has been very handy as the load can be shifted in record time. The heavy duty goods lift price was the best in the market and I am very happy that is trusted XYZlifts.

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Author:April Zhao

Title: Sales Manager of XYZLIFT

Profile:At the helm of hydraulic lift innovation and sales at XYZLIFT since the distinguished year of 2011.

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