Hot to buy scissor lift

How to buy scissor lift?

With 12 years of experience in selling scissor lift, I can  answer this question.

Tell to scissor lift supplier 3 main factor as follows, you will received right lift solutions at fast time.

  1. Your purpose for the scissor lift
  2. Main parameters, load capacity, lift height, platform size
  3. You concern the scissor lift quality or cost.


After receive customer detailed requirements, we will supply suitable scissor lift solutions.

We will present a case study tailored to your situation, emphasizing the importance of communicating your detailed requirements to the scissor lift supplier. Your specific needs guide us in providing the best solution for you.

1.Dated April 3, 2023, email from bill said

“Hi there, looking for the Low Profile Scissor Lift, it needed to be accessible by pallet jack, so it need a low ramp,it is for installing to the drop off container loading dock the lift up height need to be 118cm to 120cm,is that possible? And the size is 2x2m,thanks, please reply me via email, so I can send you the photo for what it look like.”

We replied immediately with low profile scissor lift picture, and ask load capacity.


2.Dated April 3, bill replied immediately as follows

“Thanks for you prompt reply,please find the attached photo.

The load capacity will not greater than 2T

We basically just need the pallet can be in/out from this gate.

Btw, are you guys based in china, we have regular containers coming from china it might be ok to deliver to our supplier in CN”

We  replied immediately as follows. 

“Hi Bill

Thanks for email.

You may need dock level, picture attached. Please confirm it.”

3. Dated April 4, email from bill email information as follows:

“Thanks for your recommendation, it looks like we need to do some alternation on the dock, and the owner might not allow us to do so,also it is a ramp, when we are moving the pallet of stock  by the pallet jack, it would be difficult for the staff to push it up to the ramp. So, we just need the scissor lift.”

So we quoted lower profile scissor lift to bill. But after long time, there is no reply. 

4.Dated May 8, We are very happy received reply from bill.

“Hi April,

how about the wheelchair lift but make platform a bit large size? Thanks”

And we replied directly.

“Dear Bill,

Thank you for your email.

I understand that you no longer require a lower profile scissor lift. Are you looking to replace it with either a wheelchair lift or a scissor car lift? If so, could you please let me know the reason for the change? Is it due to the high price?

We would be happy to recommend a suitable lift for you based on your requirements.”

Happy we received reply immediately

“Yes, the price is our main concern, so i am getting some alternative solutions for my boss to make decision.”

After email discuss, customer said they need lower price solution. So we quoted economic scissor lift with ramp.


Bill very happy for this solution. Scissor lift will be installed outdoor, in order to rain proof. They ask motor and scissor lift control panels are in room, scissor lift will be out door.

Our solution as follows

  1. Motor and electric parts in one cabin
  2. Controller and oil pipe will be wrapped protection cover, suitable for long time sunny and rainy
  3. Scissor lift with skirt curtain, prevent rust after long time use.  
  4. We add the industrial plug on the electric box, easy connect to local power


Now bill already received lift and finished lift installation, customer feedback are good. They will continue purchase lift.

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Author:April Zhao

Title: Sales Manager of XYZLIFT

Profile:At the helm of hydraulic lift innovation and sales at XYZLIFT since the distinguished year of 2011.

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