How to control the movement of dumbwaiter during installation?

During the dumbwaiter installation, the electric panel is installed at the end. It makes the Installer control the restaurant dumbwaiter cabin up and down by electric box. Restaurant dumbwaiter cabin is fixed at the right site by our team of experts easily. The process that we use is carefully run by our team so that no inconvenience is faced by our clients.

We start with connecting the main power and then insert the black blocks such as XX, JK, MK, TK, YS. Then we connect it with short circuit V+, SV, XV by wires. Finally, we push for repair use. We can now run the cabin up and down by slow up and slow down.

After the control panel and wires are connected, remove the short circuit V+, SV, XV, and black blocks XX, MK, TK, YS. Push daily for normal use and keep JK inserting only for daily use. Then we can use the control panel to run the restaurant dumbwaiter up and down.

Some customers may forget to remove the black blocks and use the restaurant dumbwaiter in normal status. In this way, they will find it hard to run the dumbwaiter. The instructions should be followed to use the dumbwaiter smoothly. So you are requested to read dumbwaiter installation manual carefully.

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