Installation of Scissor Lift Table In A Deep Pit For UAE Coil Industry

Customer’s Background
Known for his concrete products and polyester straps, Mr. Mohan is a leading manufacturer in the industry. Having the largest production capacity and manufacturing facilities in the UAE, the industry exports its products worldwide.
Customer’s Requirements
As a vendor, we were eager to list down the requirements provided by Mr. Mohan on December 27, 2021. His major requirements were the installation of a Hydraulic lift such as a scissor lift in a pit to lift the pallets. For completion of the final packaging of the product, he wishes to position the scissor lift in one place. A forklift will be used for the mobility of pallets.


The scissor lift will have the following specifications:


1.Load capacity: 2000 kg
2.Platform size: 1500*1500mm
3.Travel height: 3,000 mm
4.Closed height: 700mm
For further details, a meeting was conducted over WhatsApp call with Mr. Mohan on 11th January 2022. The client shared his needs and presented the product that will be handled to fully understand the operation of the unit. Since his plant will work continuously without any interruption, the lift scissor needs to work non-stop. He requires 3 scissor lifts in total. Machinery will be first used as a trial.
Mohan’s Idea:
Mohan’s Idea is to design the pit and mount the scissor lift. It is important that the machinery lifts and maintains the level so that operators can place coils on it. Our goal is to lift it once it is full and move it out for packing. The pallet height measures 2.6 m – 2.8 m.


We will first mount the wooden pallet on the scissor lift and then transfer the coils from belt to pallet one by one. When the number of coils reaches 4-5, we will press the down button. As the scissor lift descends and reaches the same height as the belt, more coils will be placed.


The down button is pressed to maintain the same height. The process will be repeated until the pallet is full. The pallet will be lifted to ground level and moved out by forklift when it is full.


Questions regarding the Installation From Mohan:


“When we are mounting the scissor lift in a pit, what should be the dimensions of the pit? We would require a complete blueprint of the unit to start civil work and where exactly the Hydraulic pump needs to be installed.”


Our Suggestion: We would suggest you remove the platform first. The person should first check from the inside of the scissor lift. As soon as the lift has been installed, lift it upward and then set up the platform.


Our Solution
Our CAD drawing adheres to the specifications of the lift dimensions set forth by Mohan. A quotation of the price with details is listed below:


1.Equipped with 400 v Power, 50 Hz and 3 Phases with neutral Conductor separated from Earth ( 3 + 1 + 1) wires as this is a requirement for Dubai.
2.We offer 2 controllers (one pedal control and one handheld control) for the scissor life to ensure smooth operation.
3.The lift is equipped with a Maintenance bar and emergency stops lower button for safety.


Mohan sent the PO and we sent him the PI on 27 February 2022. Mohan made an advance payment and shared a swift copy. Following the payment, we entered the production stage:


1.Snapshots and Videos of the lifts were sent to the customer to give an update on the production.
2.We also offer a complete Factory Inspection Video For Scissor Lift Table once the machinery is ready. These tests are performed for Quality Assurance and Control:
●Dimension Check
●Position Variation
●Load Testing
●Safety Device Testing
When we sent the Test Video with Load and B/L, Mohan approved it. As discussed, soft copies of the documents were sent to Mohan for verification and confirmation before the shipping date i.e April 13, 2022.


The list of the Final Documents provided For Local Clearance At Port is as follows:
1.The invoice with the country or origin mentioned
2.Packing list
3.Original bill of lading
4.HS code of the item mentioned on the invoice and BL.


Customer’s Feedback
The Smart Scissor lift was delivered to Mohan’s factory on May 19, 2002. He was satisfied with the end product and our customer service. This Economical Scissor Lift proved to do a great job and ensure the safety of the workers.


Before: Previously, workers had to climb the ladders to place coils onto the pallet one by one at elevated positions.
Now: Workers can simply press the button of the scissor lift to lift down the pallet height at a suitable position. The job becomes easier to perform and doesn’t require manpower.


The biggest reorganization of scissor lifts is Mohan’s repeating orders. For more kinds of Scissor Lift Table, please contact


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Author:April Zhao

Title: Sales Manager of XYZLIFT

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