Instant Marine Dumbwaiter Delivery by XYZTECH to Bangladesh Navy Marine

50kg dumbwaiter was needed by the Bangladesh Navy as the old marine dumbwaiter was having some major issues. The time was short, and they needed a professional and reliable marine dumbwaiter supplier as soon as possible. The time that they had left with was almost 5 weeks. Being a professional marine dumbwaiter supplier, XYZTECH had to step in.
We sent a team of experts to examine the situation and the site. 50 KGs of capacity was needed for a dumbwaiter with different dimensions of every floor’s headroom. The space constraints included 1st floor having 2.6m space while the second was only 2.1m. And the hole in the floor for the installation of dumbwaiter of size is 550x750mm.
The Provided Design:
Keeping in mind the size of the lower floor, we set a motor at the base to keep it stable and balanced. We offered 350x400x700(H) mm for the inside of the marine dumbwaiter. Next thing we focused on was the height. Our experts kept the height of 1000mm, making it very comfortable for the user to load and unload the food without any hassle. The latest addition to the Bangladesh Navy worked smoothly with a safe movement of food and tableware. The captain and the crew of 65 people were so satisfied to get the capacity of 50kg food lifted covering the distance of 2600 mm.
Benefits of Using the System:
The structure that we provided them with saved their precious time. They did not need to travel to move the food as they had got the perfect marine dumbwaiter supplier for their problem. The dumbwaiter has been working steadily with no liquid leakage or the spilling of food. The client was also provided with a video manual including all the instructions that were required.
“Thank God we managed to hire XYZTECH as our marine dumbwaiter supplier in such short notice as it was a critical situation. They provided us with the dumbwaiter of 50 kg capacity in a few weeks saving us a lot of time. Their team is very cooperative and professional.”

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Author:April Zhao

Title: Sales Manager of XYZLIFT

Profile:At the helm of hydraulic lift innovation and sales at XYZLIFT since the distinguished year of 2011.

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