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Dumbwaiters have revolutionized the restaurant industry and improved serving ways. There a number of customization options available in dumbwaiters that you can choose from according to your requirement. This article will highlight a few options that will come handy if you are looking to buy the best dumbwaiter from XYZLIFT.

Different Door Options

Dumbwaiters by XYZLIFT can have one part door, two part door, or even a roller door. A standard dumbwaiter door is made of 304 stainless steel. You can also choose to install a visual window to improve operations. These ensure a better outlook and you can look inside as well.  

Heater Functions

The heater function is important for dumbwaiter with more than two stops. This will keep the items warm inside, whether it is food or dishes. This also comes with drying and unfreezing options.

Automatic Operations

The automatic door open option will save labor and also save time when required.


We provide customization with the material. 304 stainless steel is standard for doors and shelves while 316 is also an option available. 310 stainless steel is recommended for the dairy industry or medical industry where legislations are strict.

Double Cabin

A double cabin option can be used for clean or dirty dishes. In some restaurants, it is used for different food courses.


In case of a power cut off, the dumbwaiter will automatically move to the floor below, it will never stay in between floors. If it was moving towards the 3rd floor and the power went out, it will automatically move to the 2nd floor.


The dumbwaiter does move at a good speed in between floors, but as it approaches to stop at a floor, it steadies the speed and comes to a comfortable stop.

Lift with Cover

The cover materials offered by us are of acrylic, PVC, and stainless steel.

XYZLIFT is known for manufacturing the best dumbwaiters and we continue to do so. We bring you a number of customization options and using them you can build a dumbwaiter  that suits all your needs.

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