Replace existing goods lift for a Truck Tyre company in Australia

Customer Background: 

Our client, Tom is based in Australia. His company specializes in heavy wheel service equipment. The company is Victorian-based and are wide distributors. Tom was looking for a lift that could lift Truck Tyre Changers onto the Mezzanine floor. The load capacity should be around 500 kg as it should ideally lift 4-5 tyres in every lift. Each tyre will weigh around 50kg, so there will be no chances of overloading. The diameter of the tyres is 1100mm so the platform must be designed accordingly.

Some other specifications were:

  • Mezzanine 2660 high
  • Cradle Depth 920mm
  • Width of 980mm
  • Available depth 1270mm
  • Available Width 1500mm

Our Design

Tom was very clear with what he required and provided us with documented information, if all clients could be as accommodating as he was, our work will be very easy. Ur design specification included;

  • Capacity 500kgs
  • Lifting height 2660mm
  • Platform dimensions: W1500xD1270mm
  • Mesh covered

The lift will be anchored on the ground floor, and each floor above will have a robust ramp. Just like all our other designs safety is kept paramount. All the materials used in the manufacturing of the lift are premium and top quality. The Mezzanine goods lift will be the perfect addition to such a space.

The lift has a safety key installed which can be removed to stop the lift in case of any emergency. The electric control box is also attached to ensure the smooth working of the lift.

Customer Feedback

XYZlifts provided the best price for the mezzanine goods lift. I do not doubt that they are the best mezzanine lift supplier in the country. They did not only guide our people about how to operate the lift but also sent us small videos as demos. This was not expected at all and impressed me even more with how professional they are.

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Author:April Zhao

Title: Sales Manager of XYZLIFT

Profile:At the helm of hydraulic lift innovation and sales at XYZLIFT since the distinguished year of 2011.

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