Request for the Same Goods Lift, Explanation About Different Price

Customer Background:

A customer from Finland, named Peter, contacted us to put forth his inquiry for a scissor lift for his warehouse. Following are his goods lift parameters:

  • Load: 500kg
  • Platform Size: 1400*1300mm
  • Travel height: 2700mm

A price was quoted to him after all his requirements that include door opening, safety devices, etc. were discussed and studied. He was a little concerned about the price quoted to him.

Peter had three quotations from three different suppliers, and we were one of them. 3 different model and their specification were sent to him that showed how material, dimensions, the structure can affect the cost of the product.

Lift SupplierScissor structure Rectangular Steel TubeClosed HeightCylinder DiameterMotor Power
#13 layers80*40*5mm420mm50/21.1KW
#24 layers50/100/4650mm63/42.2kw
XYZLIFT3 layers60*120*5mm420mm80/2 3.0kw

Supplier 1 Light steel materials, motor, and cylinder are relatively cheap owing to their smaller sizes. They have the capacity to lift around 500kgs; however, the durability and life span is shorter.  

Supplier 2:This design has a higher cost compared to the previous one, and that is about USD2000 higher than supplier 1. This design has a 4-layer structure which is not stable.

XYZLIFT: This material is stronger and has greater power. It comprises 3 layers structure which is relatively much stable and has a long-lasting effect. It is only USD500 higher than the design presented by supplier 2 but the added features are worth the price.

Once we explained everything, Peter asked one of his Chinese friends, Lee, to visit our workshop. Lee visited the workshop and delivered qualitative and appreciative feedback to Peter. Peter compared three quotations from three different suppliers. He was convinced that XYZLIFT’s material and design are the best and that justifies the higher price. So, he accepted our offer as safety and quality always come first.

XYZLIFT always comes at the top. It is much safer and the quality is uncompromised.  Our highly skilled and competent engineers make sure that the quality process is strictly examined and improved at each step.  What makes us unique is our wide range of reliable services and innovative equipment that never fails to comply with quality.

We offer all goods lifts including warehouse goods lift and scissor cargo lift with strong materials and enough safety devices. Above all, ensure you that we care about your satisfaction and are worthy to be your reliable lift supplier always.  

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Author:April Zhao

Title: Sales Manager of XYZLIFT

Profile:At the helm of hydraulic lift innovation and sales at XYZLIFT since the distinguished year of 2011.

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