Where to Buy Cargo Lifts that don’t Tremble?

Our client Danie from South Africa shared his experience with another cargo lift supplier before he chose us. He gave them an order of 2 tons cargo lift for his warehouse in Durban. Even after investing his money, he was not expecting an ordeal involving trembling of the goods liftUnfortunately, after a few weeks, their staff experienced some major issues as it was a serious risk. They got nervous by the fragile material and trembling. Then he finally made up his mind to get asafe cargo lift by contacting us, and now he is very satisfied with our cargo lift.

Cause of Weak Cargo Lift:

So many companies, without considering the safety properly, manufacture hydraulic cargo lift with a large surface. When the lift carries heavy weight, then the problem is highlighted. With time, the hydraulic cargo lift loses its strength and starts to tremble which is very dangerous. Also when a lot of weight is put in the lift, as the goods are heavy, the lift compresses down 10-40 mm losing its flexibility. This increases the inner pressure challenging the safety of the hydraulic cargo lift. With time the heavy weight starts affecting the material resulting in the leakage of the hydraulic cylinder. Whether it’s a small platform or large, safety is important because we do not want any mishap to happen at our client’s end. At XYZTECH, we have a special team of security check that ensures the safety of each and every project. They work with the professional manufacturing team at each stage to avoid any unbalances of the hydraulic cargo lift.

Ways to Solve this Issue?

At XYZTECH, our team of engineers cares about the safety from the very start of the whole process. We add a rod in the anti-drop system to make it more reliable keeping the platform and pushrod on the floor level. So when the lift goes up, it will automatically push the rod to open. If the platform is even bigger, we add a rope or chain to the system to avoid any trembling. This way we keep our safe cargo liftstronger and balanced.

We also keep the height and location in mind and use the strongest material in order to produce good results; all the while satisfying our customers. If the cargo lift has to cover more height, we make sure to put extra rods or cables to make it reliable and to avoid any trembling.

Till now, all the projects that XYZTECH has done have been successful as we treated every lift projects with much care and attention. We can proudly say that none of the clients got any complaint with us, nor did they experience any sort of bad incident. We believe to give them a report after every stage and take their feedback. Safe cargo lift has become a need for almost every factory, warehouse, residential area, and banquet halls. XYZTECH is here to cater to every need of our clients.

Danie’s Feedback:

XYZLIFT offer safer hydraulic cargo lift, which never trembles and descends. XYZLIFT has made sure that their lift is 100% safe for users. I have finally selected XYZLIFT and am very satisfied with their cargo lift.  

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Author:April Zhao

Title: Sales Manager of XYZLIFT

Profile:At the helm of hydraulic lift innovation and sales at XYZLIFT since the distinguished year of 2011.

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