XYZ High-Performance Freight Goods Lift for Heavy Load

Customer Background:

One of the very famous steel casting companies contacted us for a top-quality freight elevator.  They have already bought XYZ goods lift 3 units in the past 5 years and this time they required a goods elevator for transporting steel casting parts between 3 floors. The elevator world cannot function without a freight elevator as it transports goods and materials used at the warehouse or other industrial areas. According to their requirements, the maximum capacity they required was 10t without any imbalances or shakiness. The company is our regular client as the CEO and the team knew that they wouldn’t find such an advance solution at a reasonable cargo lift price, anywhere else.

Our Design & Solution:

The design presented by our team was really appreciated by the client as we had covered all the key features according to the requirements. The goods elevator was designed with a load capacity of 10t, 3 stops and a travel height of 15m. The platform size given to the freight elevator was 2500*5000mm.

The big customized lift was made with all the key and standard features. Our professional team used 2 units cylinder for one side and 4 units hydraulic cylinder for the other two sides. We took care of the imbalances that could occur by installing a balanced level. Even when they load 5t or more steel casting parts at one side of the freight elevator, it will not shake.

Another feature was added called the weighing system. When the cargo is loaded in the goods elevator, the screen will display the weight of the load. This will help the workers to prevent overload.

Our advanced anti-drop system was also added to the freight elevator to make the lift platform more stable and move smoothly.

In addition to that, other efficient features were added too including first and top floor doors, up/down the door, and the second floor with an automatic door.

Customer Feedback:

“I knew only XYZLift could meet our challenging requirements. The team was in constant contact with us and was very responsive. The team is so creative that they presented us with the two best options of designs from which we agreed to go with one. Everything was done perfectly and on-time. We have been using their services for 5 years and we look forward to working with them in the future too. The freight elevator is just perfectly made. Great job!” – Miller Davis, CEO.

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Author:April Zhao

Title: Sales Manager of XYZLIFT

Profile:At the helm of hydraulic lift innovation and sales at XYZLIFT since the distinguished year of 2011.

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