XYZLIFT Goods Lift Fitted In Victorian Coastal Plant Shop

Customer’s Background 

Libby is the owner of Arizona Living, a unique plant nursery focusing on selling cacti, succulents and indoor plants. The nursery helps people choose plants that survive in the Victorian coastal environment. The nursery’s colourful warehouse has various floors for each plant category, making it easier for the customers to select the plants they need. She needed a goods lift to transport plants between floors in her warehouse conveniently.

Customer’s Requirements

On September 10, 2021, Libby sent us an inquiry asking for a quote for one goods lift, just like we delivered to a warehouse in Victoria, Australia, a few months back.

She shared the below requirements:

  • The load capacity of the lift should be 500 kg as only potted plants need to be transported.
  • The platform size should be 1400 x 1700 mm to fit in a standard pallet size with room for the pallet rack and 2 to 3 people to stand.
  • The height of our mezzanine floor from the base of the warehouse floor is 2925 mm.
  • Must have a cargo output from just one side.

She wanted the lift to be fitted in a pit and asked us to advise the depth needed to create for installation. Libby also sent us the drawing of her warehouse to help us better understand her needs.

Her other requirement was a special request with the colours. She wanted to know if a buyer chooses any Pantone colour, would that increase the cost?

Our Solution

Once we understood all the requirements of a goods lift Libby wanted, we quoted the CNF price of goods lift to Melbourne, Australia. We did this because she did not have a freight forwarder in China. We studied the drawing and advised a 250 mm pit to fit the goods lift so it is flush with the ground floor. Additionally, we informed the lead time on when the lift will be ready and shipped.

Regarding Libby’s colour question, XYZLift produces the lift without extra cost for every buyer in their chosen colour.

Once we received the payment from Libby, we sent her the final lift drawing. We also sent daily pictures and videos of the lift’s production so that if any issues arose, we could fix them instantly.

Once the goods lift Melbourne was delivered to her, she hired an installer to install the lift. The installer encountered some issues and asked us if he could increase the height of the  lift to 3112 mm (from memory, we built it for 2950)

Yes, we said and showed him the method to do so by photos. Also, we informed that the lift height has a 150mm adjustable range.

Customer’s Feedback

In May 2022, Libby finished the LIFT installation and sent us feedback.

The engineers at XYZLift did a brilliant job and met all my expectations. The result is outstanding; we can now quickly transport the plants through goods lift from our warehouse to the shop. Thank you, team.

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Author:April Zhao

Title: Sales Manager of XYZLIFT

Profile:At the helm of hydraulic lift innovation and sales at XYZLIFT since the distinguished year of 2011.

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