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Customer Background:

Alex is a resident of Cambodia and is CEO of a construction company. He is responsible for supplying industrial machines to his company’s high-end customers. He used to purchase around 50 units of scissor lifts from the USA for his customers every year. The customers felt that the cost is too high and they weren’t satisfied paying that much. They were in search of China scissor lift table suppliers. Alex did some research for his customers and found 5 China scissor goods lift suppliers. Then he compared them to find the best one. After performing a careful evaluation, he decided that XYZlift is the best one and chose us. He purchased a total of 8 units of scissor lifts. To make sure he made the right choice, he bought the first one for testing purposes.

Client Requirement:

He asked for 8 units of scissors lift tables. His specifications included:
Load Capacity: 2500Kg
Platform Size Requirement: 3500 * 800 mm
Maximum Closed Height: 300mm
Maximum Platform Thickness: 50mm

Design and Solution:

We made sure to carefully note down every requirement and deliver results according to that.
As the closed height and maximum capacity to handle the weight were quite large, we used stronger steel to build the scissor lift’s structure. Alex required a design where customers would easily add a wooden plate on the scissor lift table and will be able to move the lift up and down by the foot pedal. So, smooth and flat tables were used for the top platform of each scissor goods lift. It will enable Alex and his customers to add wooden plate easily.


We installed the lift by following Alex’s requirements. The Scissor lift was fixed on the floor directly. To provide maximum ease, we supplied installation bolts and drilled the holes in the scissor goods lift. Customers will only have to put the bolts in those holes, tighten them enough to fix them to the ground and connect to the power source. When it is secured in the ground, the lift will start working.
For us, the safety of our customers matters the most. So, we ensured to add safety points while constructing and installing the scissor lift table.
1.We have added an anti-explosion valve to the hydraulic cylinder. So, if the cylinder or oil pipe gets damaged, the lift won’t free fall suddenly.
2.An oil-return pipe is introduced to avoid leakage. We made the hydraulic system 100% safe.

Customer Feedback:

The Scissor lift was designed and installed as per my needs. It was one of my best decisions to trust XYZlifts and invest in them. I’m satisfied with the results. I’m considering purchasing from this brand in the future too.

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Author:April Zhao

Title: Sales Manager of XYZLIFT

Profile:At the helm of hydraulic lift innovation and sales at XYZLIFT since the distinguished year of 2011.

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