Customized Mezzanine Lift Designs from XYZLift Compliant with Australian Codes & Standards

Customer’s Background

Matthew is one of the trusted structural Mezzanine Floors Design and Construction companies with plants in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Brisbane. This company uses structural mezzanine floors so that warehouses can be divided to increase the usable space. To help one of his clients swiftly move across the floors, they needed a Mezzanine goods lift manufactured in compliance with Australian Codes and Standards just like we had manufactured one for a Pallet Racking Project in Sydney. 

Customer’s Requirements

Matthew was interested in 3 units of goods lift for his client. He shared these requirements:

• A lift that could bear a load of 2000kg

• Platform size should be 2750*1550*2920mm; In/out was required to be 2750mm

• Required platform’s thickness should be 86mm as the pit deep was 90mm.

• The carriage needed to be fully enclosed with mesh, and the full internal lift carriage was required to be 1500mm deep x 2700mm wide.

• Mesh cover is required

Customer’s requirements on all parts of the customized goods lift were to be followed with 100% compliance. To buy replacements in Australia, all electric switches in the lift needed to be in accordance with the standards followed by international brands e.g. Omron, Bosch, Schneider, and Mitsubishi PLC. All wires should follow Australian wire color conventions and must be wired according to the local code. In addition, it must tag all the wires with a number. Customers had emphasized that the lifts must have a clear English wiring diagram so that technicians in Australia can repair or adjust customized good lifts when required. Some other requirements that were shared are as under:

• The motors need to be either Italian or German. 

• Top-quality metal roller door. 

• Smaller size mesh cover.

• Platform base frame should be of the heaviest material that can be used.

In addition to the requirements outlined above, Matthew asked for two Spare Motors, 2 Spare Control Panels, and 1 set of Spare Bearings for an entire lift for the ease of maintenance. To make installations seamless for our client, we also added 20% more fasteners in the consignment.

Design and Installation:

After two months of communication with 120 mails sent back and forth, we confirmed all details in the CAD drawing for the three units of customized goods lift. We sent daily pictures and videos of the lift’s production during the manufacturing process to make sure we can fix problems for our client there and then. After delivery, we provided a full set of shipping documents, container loading details, electric diagram, Hydraulic diagram, basic installation, operation, maintenance guideline manual, etc. so that the installation process can be carried out seamlessly.

Our Mezzanine goods lift solutions provide a safe, convenient, and efficient way to carry large cargo up to 1000 kg between two or three levels without a forklift vehicle, allowing an individual to carry trolleys and crates without any human lifting and palette handling.

Contact us for an operation video to learn more if you are interested in a similar Mezzanine goods lift.

Customer’s Feedback

The engineers at XYZLIFT exceeded our expectations. They have a brilliant team, did the job perfectly, and met all our expectations. As a result, our customers and employees at our Sydney self-storage locations can now access mezzanine goods lifts levels at any time, and we’ve been able to eliminate obstacles that were slowing down our operational activities.

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Author:April Zhao

Title: Sales Manager of XYZLIFT

Profile:At the helm of hydraulic lift innovation and sales at XYZLIFT since the distinguished year of 2011.

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