Enhancing Convenience and Accessibility: Installing an Indoor Home Lift for a New Zealand Client’s Villa

Mike, a homeowner from Auckland, New Zealand, had plans to install a two-story home lift in his Hill St. Onehunga house. He wanted to make it easier for his family to move around the house, especially since the house had an opening in the floor of 1.5m x 1.5m and a floor-to-ceiling height of 2.8m. Mike had several questions before making a deal with us, and we were happy to provide him with all the information he needed.

The Questions

Mike had several questions before finalizing the deal with us, and we provided him with our responses highlighted in red,including:
1. What kind of power supply does the elevator need? The standard power is single phase,50hz/60hz, voltage can be offered upon your local power source.
2. Where should the pump station control box be installed? The pump station is located on ground floor.Electric box can be fixed on the wall 50cm above the ground.
3. How much hydraulic oil is needed? Approximately 3L.
4. How long should the hydraulic oil pipe be? It should be reserved for 5m.5. How long should the reserved wire be between the elevator and the control box? The reserved length of the electrical wire is 2m of 4 square solid copper wire.
6. What is the thickness of the aluminum alloy material for the outer frame? It is 2.3mm thick materials.The specs are as below.
7. How does the outer frame connect to the middle floor slab?
8. How big should the pit be?A pit of 150mm should be reserved.
9.Can the spacing between the hoistway frames be smaller?The vertical space between frames is Max 1200mm as requested by Mike.10. What’s the thickness of frame glass?It is 5mm thick for indoor use and laminated glass 5+0.75+5mm thick for outdoor use.

Our Design and Solution
After confirming the installation site size, lift type, ceiling, car floor, hoist frame color, color of stainless steel (guide rail/car wall), car call and landing call, and other details with Mike, we were able to provide him with a design and solution that met his needs. We designed a home lift with a pit of 150mm and a maximum car size of 1170L * 870W * 2100H mm. Finally, we confirmed that it would be a home lift with a hoistway frame, and the landing doors would be manually operated with a left-hand opening.

Our Delivery

We ensured that Mike was fully involved in the production process by sharing photos of the lift’s progress. He was pleased to see how the lift was coming along. Additionally, we thoroughly tested the lift to ensure it met our high standards before delivering it to Mike. Our commitment to customer satisfaction also meant that we provided him with installation and operation manuals, a two-year warranty, and lifetime technical support.

To make the installation process as smooth as possible, we packaged the elevator and frame separately and provided Mike with a packing list. Each package was labeled in both English and Chinese, making it easy for the installation team to quickly identify the corresponding parts. We also arranged for sea transportation to ensure the safe delivery of the goods to their destination, keeping Mike informed of the shipping process until he received the cargo. Our attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction ensured that Mike was satisfied with our service and the quality of the product we delivered.


Mike was very satisfied with the services we provided, and he praised our professionalism and responsible attitude. He said that his family loved the new home lift, which made their daily lives much more convenient. We were happy to help Mike achieve his dream of having a home lift and providing him with high-quality products and services. We believe that adding a home lift to your house can be a great investment in your family’s comfort and convenience.

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Author:April Zhao

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