Highly Resilient 3 Platform Gates Manufactured by XYZLift for a Mauritius Client

Customer’s Background
Anil works as a factory manager for one of the well-known suppliers of dairy products in Mauritius. He approached us with an inquiry in November 2019. His employer was interested in warehouse goods lift to load the pallets across warehouse floors between 1200 x1000 or 1100 x 1000 mm. They wanted to move the goods on a pallet with three sides A B C. They would prefer the lift with a ramp of 250mm high that will be useful for them. The ramp will be used on the first floor as the flooring is 250mm higher than the cold room.

Customer’s Requirements & Concerns
●Max load capacity should be 2000kg
●Shaft size should be 1600 x 1600mm
●Height from the ground floor to the first floor should be 4950 mm
Amid COVID 19 lockdown, we carried on our discussions with Anil about the requirements and finally received the order in March 2021. Anil had some questions before confirming the order. We answered all questions and also shared a list of solutions with him. Some of the questions are given below:
1.The loading capacity in the attached quotes is 2000kg. Does this include the base’s load also?
No, the base platform’s load is not included. For example, a base platform of 2000kg could load 2000kg cargo.
2.Does the lift include a safety stop while opening the door?
Yes. The lift will not move up or down when the door is being opened or closed. However, the door with an interlock means only the door closes, and the lift could work.
3.Does the warehouse goods lift inclusive of a sensor if someone is under the lift platform?
There will be no need for a sensor. If the safety cage door is open, the lift cannot work. We will add an interlock on the safety cage.
4.Can you provide us with a specification for the checkered steel plate and guide rail?
Checkered plate’s thickness is 3mm. Guide rail used is 125H steel.
5.What is the type of oil used under the spare parts headlines?
The motor uses the hydraulic oil, and other spare parts use lubricating oil (we supply it).

Design and Solution
Once all of the questions were answered and the requirements were clear, we started working on this project finally. We listed all the details for this order for the warehouse goods lift.
1. Load capacity 2000kg
2. Shaft size 1600*1600mm
3. Platform size 1440*1170mm
4. Lift height 4950mmm
5. On the first floor, a safety cage is needed
6. Three platform gates at ABC sides
Safety Parts
1-Emergency decline when the power cuts off.
2- Emergency stop.
3- Overload warning.
4- Limit switches on each floor.
5-Interlock on the platform. The lift will not work unless all doors are closed.
We offered design calculations in the English version of the project. The documents are very important for the buyer to ensure the quality and security provided for users and the client.

Customer Feedback

XYZLIFT manufactures reliable hydraulic warehouse goods lift from the finest steel. Each of our scissor lift tables meets industry standards and requirements for the precise manufacturing methods used in this process. I am highly satisfied with their delivery.

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Author:April Zhao

Title: Sales Manager of XYZLIFT

Profile:At the helm of hydraulic lift innovation and sales at XYZLIFT since the distinguished year of 2011.

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