Long Term Partnership with an Australian Client Requiring Scissor Lifts

Customer’s Background:

Working as a global leader in the paper packaging industry, Paul from VIC 3076, Australia provides high-quality, innovative, and sustainable packaging products and solutions. They have been leading packaging innovation in Australia for over 70 years. They availed our services for a unit of scissor goods lift table in 2020. After the first consignment, the client was satisfied with the quality of scissor lifts and placed many orders ever since.

Customer’s Requirements

Paul was looking for a price estimate to manufacture and supply scissor goods lift to their Perth plant. The client had shared the following specifications with us:

  • Load rating should be 1.5T
  • Platform width should be ~2000mm
  • Length should be ~1800mm
  • Mesh cover is required
  • Roller doors are required
  • Minimum compression should be 850mm (pit depth should be 910mm)
  • Maximum lift should be 3500mm

In addition, requirements for Hydraulic Power Pack to fit into a pit with Scissor Lift Table were also shared and are given below:

  • Supply: 3Phase 415v @ 25A
  • Pit Dimensions: 2550mm(L) x 2650mm(W) x 910mm(H)
  • Cargo should be movable in/out from the 2550 side

Design, Installations & Solutions

We confirmed all specifications of lift dimensions in CAD drawing and started the production. We sent daily photos and videos of elevators to production for any updates on elevator progress so that client can share feedback on the go and request changes. In addition, we offered a Factory Inspection Report for the Scissor Lift Platform for the following parameters:

  • Dimension Check
  • Position Variation
  • Load Test
  • Safety Device Test

Below are some of the security protocols that we complied with while working on this client’s scissor goods lift consignment:

  1. Emergency Stop

The Emergency stop button was provided at each control box to stop the lift’s up and down movement in case of any emergency.

  1. Warning Light

On the pump, an overload valve was installed and its precautionary light shines when the lift is in regular operation. On the contrary, there is a warning light alarm in case of a heavy load.

  1. Duplicate Position Limit Switch

For monitoring and control of the lift, we installed a duplicate position limit switch. The leveling limit switch can slide to set the correct lifting height position.

  1. Emergency Down Valve

In case of any control or power failure, an Emergency Down Valve (turn anti-clockwise) can be opened to lower the Lift Platform to the parking position. Users can turn to “+” to move the lift down (turn more, speed faster) and “-” to close the valve.

  1. Safety Trip bar

There is a safety trip bar at the bottom of the platform, which will stop in case of any obstruction. Also, when lifted down, if the orange tubes touch anything, they will stop. This bar is placed to bring maintenance operations to a halt in case a worker is injured.

  1. Adjustable Screws

The minimum self-height is adjustable by screws.

  1. Hose Burst Valves

The hose burst valves will stop the scissor lift table in hydraulic hose failure.

  1. Maintenance Support Bars

Remove all cargo from the platform first before doing maintenance jobs. Then, insert the two support bars to avoid the lift from moving down.

Note: Do not work under the lift without the maintenance device(s).

Customer’s Feedback:

We are happy with the quality of the Scissor goods lift consignment handled by XYZLIFT. These lifts can be used for various tasks, including handling, surface differentiation, manufacturing, warehousing facilities, and logistics. In addition, XYZLIFT catered to our specific needs for bespoke scissor lift tables with an efficient and flexible production method.

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Author:April Zhao

Title: Sales Manager of XYZLIFT

Profile:At the helm of hydraulic lift innovation and sales at XYZLIFT since the distinguished year of 2011.

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