Outside Home Lift For Old Couple In Cyprus

George is a senior citizen residing in a small town in Cyprus. As he has grown older, he has found it increasingly difficult to climb the stairs leading to the second floor of his home. To address this issue, he is considering the installation of an Outside Home Lift outside his house. A vertical lift platform is a type of mobility device that can transport people and small objects between different building levels. It operates by moving along a track and can be operated using a control panel or a remote. By installing this device, George hopes to regain his independence and easily move around his home.

Customer’s Requirements & Concerns

George was looking for a specific type of lift for his home. He needed an outside hydraulic lift with a 4-meter height, 250 kg load capacity, and the capacity to carry two people at once. The lift must be easy to install and operate using 240 volts, 50Hz, and single-phase power supply. George requested guidance on the safe and correct installation of the lift. Civil works may involve a level concrete foundation, while electrical installations require an adequate power supply, wiring, and safety systems. Additionally, George asked for installation drawings with specifications and measurements. He also inquired about the lift’s CE marking, which is mandatory for EU products conforming to safety, health, and environmental protection standards.


Outside Home Lift Design and Solution We Offered


This is the solution we offered George; a vertical lift platform meeting his specific requirements.


1. Civil works and Electrical installations


The lift measures 4 meters in height, has a load capacity of 250 kilograms, and comfortably accommodates two people. The company guided installing the lift’s civil and electrical works to ensure safe and proper installation. The concrete ground must have a minimum thickness of 300 millimeters to securely anchor the vertical lift platform and prevent potential accidents or malfunctions. Since the lift is fully assembled, there is no need for electrical installation work. This quick and easy installation process enables George to use the lift as soon as possible.  


2. Outside Home Lift installation


Installing the vertical lift platform is a straightforward process. It only requires fixing the lift to the ground and wall, ensuring it is properly secured. The company provided clear instructions on how to do this, making the installation process hassle-free.


3. Vertical lift platform with CE EN81-41. certification


The lift comes with a CE EN81-41 certification which means that it conforms to the safety and performance standards set by the European Union. This certification provides peace of mind to George, knowing that the lift he is using is safe and reliable.


Customer feedback:

I am super happy with the Outside Home Lift that your company provided for my home. The installation process was straightforward, and the lift was working perfectly. I now have easy access to the second floor of my home, which has made my daily life much easier and more comfortable. The lift is spacious and can easily accommodate a companion and me, and the load capacity of 250 kilograms is more than enough for my needs. Your team was helpful throughout the process, from the initial consultation to the installation and follow-up. The lift has exceeded my expectations, and I would happily recommend your company to anyone needing a similar mobility solution. Thank you for helping me regain my independence and making my home more accessible!

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