Providing Customized Home Lift Solutions for Elderly Convenience: A Client Success Story

Client Background:

Tony, a client from Thailand, visited our factory in March. He wanted to install a 2-story home lift for his 80-year-old father to easily access the bedroom on the first floor from the garage.

Our Solution:

The installation area in the garage was limited, only 1*1m, so we recommended a cabin only home lift. We make the max car size to be 840*600mm. Since the lighting in the garage was dim and the elderly man had poor eyesight, we suggested a white cabin with multiple reflective strips on the outside. For the cabin roof, we selected a brighter multi-light group.

Tony visited our production workshop and showroom, and test-rode multiple home lifts. He also learned about the operation methods and common troubleshooting techniques on-site. He felt that the running sound was quiet and smooth, and the cost-effectiveness of our home lift was higher than that of a traction machine home elevator.

Tony paid a deposit on the same day, and we immediately arranged for production. We completed the production of this home lift in 20 days, and it was shipped from Qingdao to Bangkok by sea for 10 days. Tony has already received the delivery and is expected to complete the installation this month.

Since Tony also purchased other products, he was able to combine the home lift with a 20-foot container. Therefore, we shipped the guide rails and cabin as a whole to minimize the installation steps. Before delivery, we demonstrated the installation steps and methods and recorded a video to send to Tony.

Client Feedback:

Tony was very satisfied with our home lift and the overall service we provided. He appreciated our professional guidance and the opportunity to test-ride the product before purchasing. He also praised the quiet and smooth operation of the lift and the cost-effectiveness compared to other home elevators.

In addition, he was impressed with the efficient production and delivery process. The fact that we were able to ship the guide rails and cabin as a whole reduced the installation time and made the process smoother.

Overall, Tony was very happy with his experience with us and would recommend our products and services to others. We are proud to have provided a safe and convenient solution for his father’s mobility needs.

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Author:April Zhao

Title: Sales Manager of XYZLIFT

Profile:At the helm of hydraulic lift innovation and sales at XYZLIFT since the distinguished year of 2011.

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