XYZLift Scissor Dock Lift – A Solution to Carry Heavy Cargo Load in Ireland

Customer Background:

John is the CEO of a shopfitting company and lives in Ireland. His company has recently built a new factory. They needed scissor goods lift to load cargo between two floors. John was responsible for finding a company that manufactured high-quality heavy load scissor lift. He chose XYZlift for this job.

Client’s Requirements:

  1. A minimum load capacity of 3000kg because this will enable the scissor lift to lift a forklift.
  2. He asked for a design that would work as a scissor lift from the ground floor to the second floor and load cargo to the truck as a dock lift. He required a lift with three stops having 3070mm height until the second floor and 900mm height to load cargo to the truck from the ground floor.
  3. It was instructed that the platform size should be 3500*2200mm because when the scissor lift goes into the pit, the forklift will use the scissor dock lift
  4. The cargo and forklift entrance/exit from scissor lift must be 3500mm from both sides to ensure safe entry and exit.


As the forklift would have to go across the scissor goods lift, we used a 100*250*6m rectangular steel tube. We provided a guarantee that the scissor dock lift is strong enough to carry the required load. Besides making sure the 3500mm distance from both sides, we also added four guardrails to ensure lift’s stability.

To take care of our customer and his company’s safety, we made sure that there is;

  • An overload warning
  • Electric toe protection
  • Maintenance of support bar
  • An emergency stop and a shutting down valve

Customer Care after the Scissor Goods Lift Installation:

John faced a technical issue after the installation of the heavy load scissor lift. He found that it mostly worked fine, but often it would shut down and stop working. He found no power in the electric box on such instances, which caused them to restart the scissor dock lift every time this happened.

We listened carefully to his query and asked him to send us a video. Voltage protection was installed in the electric box for the company’s safety, which indicates the voltage. We found out that the factory voltage is not stable. We had designed the electric box and motor according to John’s company local voltage, which is 420V, 3 phases, 50Hz. If the voltage gets higher than 450V or lowers 380V, then the voltage protection would start working, and the electric box will shut down immediately. We asked the customer to remove the voltage protection, and the machine never faced that issue again.

Customer Feedback:

The installation was done correctly. It works fine with cargo and forklift. We didn’t find the need to use any guardrails, and the forklift goes across the scissor dock smoothly. The heavy load scissor lift is perfect and strong enough to carry the required weight. The customer service of XYZlift is excellent. They answered my question immediately and professionally.

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Author:April Zhao

Title: Sales Manager of XYZLIFT

Profile:At the helm of hydraulic lift innovation and sales at XYZLIFT since the distinguished year of 2011.

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